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Internet navigation using soft hyperlinks

A system for internet navigation using soft hyperlinks is disclosed, in connection with an illustrative information retrieval system with which it may be used. The navigation tool provides freedom to move through a collection of electronic documents independent of any hyperlink which has been inserted within an HTML page. A user can click on any term in a document page, not only those that are hyperlinked. For example, when a user clicks on an initial word within the document, the disclosed system employs a search engine in the background to retrieve a list of related terms. In an illustrative embodiment, a compass-like display appears with pointers indicating the first four terms returned by the search engine. These returned terms have the highest degree of correlation with the initial search term in a lexical knowledge base that the search engine constructs automatically. The disclosed system allows the user to move from the current document to one of a number of document lists which cover different associations between the initial word clicked on by the user and other terms extracted from within the retrieved list of related terms. The disclosed system may further allow the user to move to a document that is considered most related to the initial word clicked on by the user, or to a list of documents that are relevant to a phrase or paragraph selection indicated by the user within the current page.

Category based, extensible and interactive system for document retrieval

In information retrieval (IR) systems with high-speed access, especially to search engines applied to the Internet and / or corporate intranet domains for retrieving accessible documents automatic text categorization techniques are used to support the presentation of search query results within high-speed network environments. An integrated, automatic and open information retrieval system (100) comprises an hybrid method based on linguistic and mathematical approaches for an automatic text categorization. It solves the problems of conventional systems by combining an automatic content recognition technique with a self-learning hierarchical scheme of indexed categories. In response to a word submitted by a requester, said system (100) retrieves documents containing that word, analyzes the documents to determine their word-pair patterns, matches the document patterns to database patterns that are related to topics, and thereby assigns topics to each document. If the retrieved documents are assigned to more than one topic, a list of the document topics is presented to the requester, and the requester designates the relevant topics. The requester is then granted access only to documents assigned to relevant topics. A knowledge database (1408) linking search terms to documents and documents to topics is established and maintained to speed future searches. Additionally, new strategies are presented to deal with different update frequencies of changed Web sites.
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