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A TimeRanges object includes one or more ranges of time, each specified by a starting and ending time offset. You reference each time range by using the start() and end() methods, passing the index number of the time range you want to retrieve. The term " normalized TimeRanges object " indicates that ranges in such an object are...

Catalyst for complete oxidation of formaldehyde at room temperature

The invention provides a high selectivity catalyst used for catalyzing and completely oxidizing formaldehyde with low concentration at room temperature. The catalyst can catalyze formaldehyde completely so as to lead the formaldehyde to be converted into carbon dioxide and water at room temperature. In addition, the conversion rate of formaldehyde remains 100% within a long period of time, without complex auxiliary facilities such as light source, a heating oven and the like, and external conditions. The catalyst comprises three parts which are inorganic oxide carrier, noble metal component and auxiliary ingredient. Porous inorganic oxide carrier is one of cerium dioxide, zirconium dioxide, titanium dioxide, aluminium sesquioxide, tin dioxide, silicon dioxide, lanthanum sesquioxide, magnesium oxide and zinc oxide or the mixture thereof or composite oxide thereof, zeolite, sepiolite and porous carbon materials. The noble metal component of the catalyst is at least one of platinum, rhodium, palladium, gold and silver. The auxiliary ingredient is at least one of the alkali metals of lithium, sodium, kalium, rubidium and cesium. The loading of the noble metal component used in the catalyst of the invention is 0.1 to 10% according to weight converter of metal elements and the selective preference is 0.3 to 2%. The loading of the auxiliary ingredient is 0.2 to 30% according to weight converter of metal elements and the selective preference is 1 to 10%. When the loading of the auxiliary ingredient is lower than 0.2% or higher than 30%, the activity of the catalyst for catalyzing and oxidizing formaldehyde at room temperature is decreased remarkably.

Disinfecting compositions and methods of making and using same

The present invention provides a composition, comprising: greater than about 0.1% by weight hydrogen peroxide; an aromatic acid component; surfactant; optionally, a solvent; and a carrier. The composition of the invention is useful as a disinfecting composition for killing microorganisms such as bacterium (including Mycobacterium), spores and fungi. The composition provides a pathogenic bacteria kill rate of 99.9% in about 30 seconds when bacteria are exposed to the composition and is effective in providing a Mycobacterium kill of 106 with two minutes or less. Moreover, the compositions of the invention are generally more resistant to catalase deactivation than, for example, an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide within the composition may range from about 1% by weight to about 7% by weight and the concentration of aromatic acid component may range from about 0.1% by weight to about 5% by weight. The invention also provides a method for disinfection of a substrate utilizing the composition. The composition of the invention may be used in the foregoing method on a medical instrument, such as an endoscope or the like. Applying the compositions to a substrate may be accomplished in any of a variety of application methods such as by roll coating, dipping, spraying, or rotational tumbling. The composition may be applied to the substrate for a period of time ranging from about 30 seconds to about ten minutes. In this aspect, the invention can further comprise drying the substrate after removing the composition.

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program, and mobile terminal device

An information processing apparatus includes a content detector portion, a display controller portion, an operation state detector portion, and a popup display controller portion. The content detector portion detects contents belonging to a same time range from different types of contents each including time information. The display controller portion collects the contents belonging to the same time range and having been detected by the content detector portion. In addition, the display controller portion then displays, on a display portion along a time series, content-related graphical information of the respective contents collected in units of the respective time range used when collecting the respective contents, and displays on the display portion a selector serving to select a desired content from among respective contents displayed through the content-related graphical information. The operation state detector portion detects an operation state of an operation portion serving to perform an operation of moving the selector. In accordance with time information of a content selected by the selector when a predetermined operation state of the operation portion is detected by the operation state, the popup display controller portion detects a content having past time information with respect to the time information of the selected content, and popup displays content-related graphical information of the detected content on the display portion.
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