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The TIME parameter on the JOB or EXEC statement specifies the maximum length of time a job or step is to use the processor. Two benefits of the TIME parameter are: The system prints the actual processor time used by the job or step in the messages in the job log.

System and Method For Travel Planning

Methods, systems and computer readable code for travel planning are provided. According to some embodiments, a travel planning engine schedules a plurality of activities within one or more time intervals and generates a travel plan, where each activity is associated with a physical location and optional time parameters. Alternatively or additionally, the travel planning is implemented by receiving manual travel planning directives through a user interface. According to some embodiments, the activities are scheduled so as to satisfy specific constraints and/or travel benefit parameters. According to some embodiments, the travel plan includes information about traveling between relevant locations. Some embodiments of the present invention include a method of comparing and/or presenting a plurality of travel options, wherein each travel option is associated with a respective mode of transportation. Some embodiments of the present invention provide a system, method or computer readable code for customizing a travel itinerary for a traveler. Some embodiments of the present invention provide a system, method or computer readable code for presenting information about pricing of at least three targeted travel services on a single screen including a plurality of distinct bundling combinations.

Remote sim card replacement and activation process

A data processing device including a microcontroller and configured to communicate with at least one remote system distributed on a network. The data processing device and the remote system are adapted to store a plurality of parameters identifying a user account belonging to a subscriber. The data processing device comprises a one-time parameter comprising the active account attached to the device designed for a one-time use, and a permanent parameter identifying an account attached to the data processing device, the permanent parameter being deactivated. The one-time and permanent parameter are stored in the at least one remote system, and the microcontroller is programmed to: use the one-time parameter to logon to the network when the data processing device is switched on; and exchanges the one-time parameter with the permanent parameter, upon successful logon to the network, the permanent parameter becoming the permanent active account. The first device and the at least one remote system store a parameter identifying a current active account attached to a second data processing device to replace, and upon successful logon to the network, a program automatically stored in the first device sends an activation request for exchanging the plurality of parameters from the old for the new one in the at least one remote system, with the current active account being deactivated.

PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) control method for elastic integral BP neural network based on RBF (Radial Basis Function) identification

The invention relates to a PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) control method for an elastic integral BP neural network based on RBF (Radial Basis Function) identification, which comprises the following steps: determining the structure of the BP neural network and determining an initial value; determining the structure of an RBF identification network; sampling; positively calculating the BP network and calculating the output of a PID control system; calculating the RBF identification network; revising the parameters of the identification network; and revising the weighting coefficient of the BP netural network. The invention has the advantages that the BP neural network is combined with the traditional PID control to form an intelligent neural network PID control system; no accurate mathematical model is required to be established; the change of the parameters of the controlled course, the parameters of the automatic setting control and the parameters of adapting to the controlled course can be automatically identified; and the method is an effective measure for solving the problems of difficult parameter setting, no real-time parameter adjustment and weak robustness of the traditional PID control system.

Disabling execution of malware having a self-defense mechanism

A dummy debugger program is installed within the user computer system. The dummy program is registered with the operating system as a debugger and may also be registered as a system service as if it is a kernel mode debugger. The dummy debugger program may have the name of a popular debugging program. Dummy registry keys are created that are typically used by a debugger to make it appear as if a debugger is present within the operating system of the user computer. Dummy program folders or dummy program names are created to make it appear as if a debugger is present within the operating system of the user computer. API calls are intercepted by using API hooks and modified to always return a meaningful value indicating that a debugger is present. Malware performing any checks to see if a debugger is present will be informed that a debugger is present and will then shutdown, sleep, terminate, etc. Or, in order to trick malware into thinking that an emulator is present, any API call is intercepted and the sleep time passed in is raised by a couple of milliseconds. Malware will determine that the time parameter passed in is not equivalent to the elapsed time from before the API call to after the call and the malware will determine that an emulator is present and will terminate.
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