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Brewing is the production of beer by steeping a starch source (commonly cereal grains, the most popular of which is barley) in water and fermenting the resulting sweet liquid with yeast. It may be done in a brewery by a commercial brewer, at home by a homebrewer, or by a variety of traditional methods such as communally by the indigenous peoples in Brazil when making cauim. Brewing has taken place since around the 6th millennium BC, and archaeological evidence suggests that emerging civilizations, including ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, brewed beer. Since the nineteenth century the brewing industry has been part of most western economies.

Automatic milk powder brewing machine

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The invention relates to an automatic milk powder brewing machine which comprises a milk powder machine body, a milk powder machine base, an overturning cover, a milk powder brewing device, a display screen and a control device. An opening is formed in the upper end of a cavity of the milk powder machine body, the milk powder machine base is used for supporting the milk powder machine body, the overturning cover with a lock catch is arranged on the opening in the upper end of the milk powder machine body, the display screen is arranged on the front end face of the milk powder machine body, the control device is arranged inside the milk powder machine body, and the display screen is connected to the input end of the control device. The milk powder brewing device is arranged in the cavity of the milk powder machine body and comprises a milk powder tank, a water tank with a heater, a constant-temperature bottle, a quantitative milk powder adding device, an electromagnetic flow device and a stirring bottle, the quantitative milk powder adding device is arranged at the bottom of the milk powder tank and connected with the stirring bottle, and milk powder in the milk powder tank is conveniently fed into the stirring bottle for stirring according to certain quantity. By means of the automatic milk powder brewing machine, full-automatic milk brewing can be achieved; the water temperature during milk and the brewed milk temperature brewing can be accurately controlled, the brewed milk powder amount and the water amount are accurately controlled, and the concentration is guaranteed.
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Coffee capsule making device

The invention relates to a coffee capsule machine, which comprises a brewing device (A) arranged in a machine body (18). The coffee capsule machine is characterized in that the brewing device (A) comprises a water inlet body component (1), a water outlet body component (2), a driving mechanism (4) which drives the water outlet body component (2) to perform straight line motions, a brewing cavity (5) which is loaded with coffee capsules and a connecting rod (7), wherein the water inlet body component (1) is provided with a guide rail groove (1A); a driven component of the driving mechanism (4) is connected with the water outlet body component (2); one end of the brewing cavity (5) is connected with the water outlet body component (2) through a connection supporting point (2A); and the other end of the connecting rod (7) is connected with the brewing cavity (5), and the connecting rod (7) is provided with a positioning sheet (7A) which is arranged on the guide rail groove (1A) of the water inlet body component (1). The coffee capsule machine achieves the straight line motions and the automatic overturn of the brewing cavity by the guide rail control and connecting rod mechanism theory, and achieves the aims of automatically replacing and contributing to putting the coffee capsules by users finally. The coffee capsule machine has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, flexible and convenient operation, high safe degree and reliable performance.

Preparation method of compound Daqu

The invention relates to the field of microbial fermentation, in particular to a preparation method of a compound Daqu, so as to solve the problems of the traditional Daqu such as single nutritional components of raw materials, longer starter-making and brewing time, low utilization rate of grains, high cost and the like. The preparation method comprises the following steps: (1) treating the raw materials of the Daqu; (2) inoculating aspergillus niger 41254, aspergillus niger UV-11, monascus, mucor racemosus, actinomucor elegans, rhizopus oryzae, saccharomyces cerevisiae, candida drusei, acetobacter, bacillus subtilis and lactobacillus delbrueckii 6100 into a conical flask containing the raw materials of the Daqu for culturing, then expanding the culture and obtaining a mother culture; and(3) adopting uncooked materials for making a starter, inoculating the obtained mother culture and the raw materials of the Daqu into a solid fermentation device, keeping the temperature at 30 DEG C-33 DEG C, continuing for 30-33h, discharging the starter and finally carrying out low-temperature vacuum drying. The preparation method enriches the nutritional components in the raw materials and improves the quality of a brewed product; and a plurality of bacterial strain are artificially added, thereby improving the utilization rate of the grains, shortening the starter-making cycle, improving the yield of the brewed product and reducing the production cost.
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