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A plunger, force cup, plumber's friend, or plumber's helper is a tool used to clear blockages in drains and pipes. It consists of a rubber suction cup with an attached stick (shaft), usually made of wood or plastic. A different bellows-like design also exists, usually constructed of plastic.

Automatic injection device

The invention provides an automatic injection device for providing a subcutaneous injection of a substance into a user, comprising: a housing having an open first end and a second end; a syringe movably disposed in the housing, the syringe including a barrel portion for holding the substance, a hollow needle in fluid communication with the barrel portion for ejecting the substance from the syringe, and a bung for sealing the barrel portion and selectively applying pressure to the substance to force the substance through the hollow needle; a plunger for first moving the syringe towards the first end such that the needle projects from the first end and subsequently applying pressure to the bung, the plunger including a rod connected at a first end to the bung, a compressible expanded central portion and a flange between a second end of the rod and the compressible expanded central portion; and a biasing mechanism for biasing the plunger towards the first open end of the housing, the biasing mechanism disposed about the second end of the rod between the flange and the second end of the housing. The present invention also provides methods and kits for using an automatic injection device, and methods and kits for promoting an automatic injection device comprising a medication based on advantageous properties of the device as compared to a pre-filled syringe. The invention also provides methods and kits for training a recipient on use of the automatic injection device.

Medication injector apparatus with drive assembly that facilitates reset

A medication injector apparatus such as an injection pen. The injection pen includes a resettable, cartridge plunger drive assembly including an axially floating nut, a cartridge plunger engaging screw, and a drive clutch movable with the nut and which when rotated causes the screw to screw through the nut. When a cartridge assembly is mounted to the pen base, the floating nut and drive clutch are shifted proximally such that the drive clutch is in torque transmitting engagement with a rotatable drive member of the pen, such that rotation of that drive member results in drive screw advancement through the nut in the distal direction. When the cartridge assembly is not mounted to the pen base, the floating nut and drive clutch are biased distally to disengage the drive clutch from torque transmitting engagement with the rotatable drive member and to thereby allow the drive screw to be reset proximally through the nut to a position more retracted within the pen base. The injection pen also may include an injection clicker assembly having a collar arranged coaxially on a drive sleeve and which oscillates axially on the drive sleeve that rotates during medication dispensing to provide an audible clicking sound that indicates injecting use of the pen. The injection pen also may include a doseable quantity identifier that uses a rotational matrix and a sensor for electrically sensing the arrangement of the dose setting mechanism of the pen, which identifier may be part of a therapeutic dose indicating system that utilizes a cartridge recognizer to recognize a concentration of medication so as to allow an automatic determination of a therapeutic dose. The injection pen further may include an assembly for selectively rotating a drive sleeve of the pen, which assembly has a dial that rotates out during dose setting and which translates in without rotation during dose injecting.
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