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Phenyl or heteroaryl amino alkane derivatives as ip receptor antagonist

InactiveUS20060089371A1Excellent IP receptor antagonistic activitySuitable for productionBiocideOrganic active ingredientsVisceral painHeadaches
The present invention relates to phenyl or heteroaryl amino alkane derivatives of formula (I)
in which the groups Q1-Q4, Ar, and R1-R7 are as defined in the specification and claims. These materials are useful as active ingredients of pharmaceutical preparations. The phenyl or heteroaryl amino alkanes of the present invention have IP receptor antagonistic activity, and can be used for the prophylaxis and treatment of diseases associated with IP receptor antagonistic activity. Such diseases include urological diseases or disorders as follows: bladder outlet obstruction, overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, detrusor hyper-reflexia, detrusor instability, reduced bladder capacity, frequency of micturition, urge incontinence, stress incontinence, bladder hyperreactivity, benighn prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), prostatitis, urinary frequency, nocturia, urinary urgency, pelvic hypersensitivity, urethritis, pelvic pain syndrome, prostatodynia, cystitis, or idiophatic bladder hypersensitivity. The compounds of the present invention are also useful for treatment of pain including, but not limited to inflammatory pain, neuropathic pain, acute pain, chronic pain, dental pain, premenstrual pain, visceral pain, headaches, and the like; hypotension; hemophilia and hemorrhage; and inflammation, since these diseases also are alleviated by treatment with an IP receptor antagonist. The application claims the compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, and methods of treatment using them.

Injection device for medical drug preparation

ActiveCN103565645AReduce wasteReduces the possibility of cross-contaminationPharmaceutical containersMedical packagingPush and pullCoupling
The invention relates to an injection device for medical drug preparation. The injection device comprises a supporting base plate, an overall rotary motor, an injector feeding mechanism and a mandrel push-and-pull mechanism, wherein a feeding motor of the injector feeding mechanism drives a feeding screw to rotate through a coupler, so that a feeding nut drives a feeding sliding block to move up and down along the feeding screw to drive an injector outer sleeve to conduct translational movement in the axial direction of the injector outer sleeve; and a push-and-pull motor of the mandrel push-and-pull mechanism drives a push-and-pull screw to rotate through a coupler, so that a push-and-pull nut drives a push-and-pull sliding block to move up and down along the push-and-pull screw, a mandrel clip fixed on the push-and-pull sliding block drives an injector mandrel to move up and down relative to the injector outer sleeve, and injector push-and-pull actions are finished. The injection device is compact and reasonable in structure, convenient to operate and capable of performing automatic operation on a disposable injector, realizing functions of liquid extraction, liquid injection, transposition, pipetting and the like required in a drug preparation process, lowering the human intervention degree, reducing the labor intensity and avoiding drug waste and cross contamination.
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