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In botany and dendrology, a rhizome (/ˈraɪzoʊm/, from Ancient Greek: rhízōma "mass of roots", from rhizóō "cause to strike root") is a modified subterranean plant stem that sends out roots and shoots from its nodes. Rhizomes are also called creeping rootstalks or just rootstalks. Rhizomes develop from axillary buds and grow horizontally. The rhizome also retains the ability to allow new shoots to grow upwards.

Chinese herbal medicinal feed additive for preventing and controlling swine infectious disease

InactiveCN101695342APrevention and treatment of asthmaPrevention and treatment of contagious pleuropneumoniaFood processingAnimal feeding stuffMedicinal herbsBaical Skullcap Root
The invention provides a Chinese herbal medicinal feed additive for preventing and controlling swine infectious disease. The swine feed additive consists of 37 Chinese medicinal herbs, namely, gypsum, rehmannia root, rhinoceros horn, golden thread, cape jasmine fruit, tree peony bark, baical skullcap root, red paeony root, figwort root, common anemarrhena rhizome, forsythia suspensa , platycodon root, liquorice root, common lophatherum herb, amur corktree bark, honeysuckle flower, Chinese pulsatilla root, indigowoad root, heartleaf houttuynia herb, astragalus, szechwon tangshan root, hawkthorn fruit, medicated leaven, barley sprout, radish seed, chicken's gizzard -membrane, Chinese thorowax root, common andrographis herb, philippine violet herb, tuber fleeceflower root, massa medicata fermentata fujianensis, cyrtomium rhizome, tung leaf, tangerine peel, white paeony root, pine needle and indigowoad leaf through scientific compatibility. The feed additive is added into swine feed in the proportion; under the condition of not using any vaccine, the feed additive can effectively prevent and cure severe mixed flu symptoms, infection and other syndromes caused by swine respiratory disease, asthma, contagious pleuropneumonia, swine virus mixed flu, high swine fever, porcine circovirus, swine fever, flu, pseudorabies, salmonellosis, bacillosis, streptococcus, erysipelas, paratyphoid, eperythrozoon, toxoplasm and other multi-pathogeny and provides genuine green food for the market.

Chinese medicinal preparation for treating prostate disease and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a Chinese medicinal preparation for treating a prostate disease, which is a medicament prepared from 70 raw material medicaments such as ginseng, deerhorn glue, medicinal indianmulberry root, common curculigo rhizome and the like. The medicament can be prepared into oral liquid, granules, powder, capsules, electuary, tablets or pills. A preparation method of the medicament comprises the following steps of: (1) preparing water extracting solution by the raw material medicaments; (2) preparing oral liquid by the water extracting solution; (3) drying, crushing and sieving the water extracting solution, and taking screening as medicinal extracting powder; and (4) preparing tablets, granules, pills or capsules from the medicinal extracting powder. The preparation method also can comprise the following steps of: (1) crushing and sieving the raw material medicaments, and taking the screening as medicinal powder; (2) disinfecting and sterilizing the medicinal powder to obtain raw powder; and (3) preparing tablets, granules, pills, electuary or capsules from raw powder. The adopted raw material medicaments are common Chinese medicaments, so the Chinese medicinal preparation has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, and nearly no toxic or side effects. The medicament has good curative effects on prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy and prostatomegaly, and has obvious effect on prostate cancers.

Chinese medicinal preparation for treating diabetes and preparation methods thereof

The invention relates to a Chinese medicinal preparation for treating the diabetes, which is prepared from 47 raw material medicaments in part by weight: astragalus, siberian solomonseal rhizome, common yam rhizome, cornus fruit and the like. A preparation method 1 for the Chinese medicinal preparation comprises the following steps: (1) preparing aqueous extract of the raw material medicaments; (2) preparing oral liquid from the aqueous extract; (3) drying and crashing the aqueous extract obtained by the step (1), and passing the powders through a screen to prepare medicament extract powders; and (4) preparing tablets, granules, pills, soluble granules or capsules with the medicament extraction powders. A preparation method 2 for the Chinese medicinal preparation comprises the following steps: (1) drying fresh pig pancreas and grinding the fresh pig pancreas into powders; (2) crushing other raw material medicaments, passing the powder through a screen to prepare medicament powders; (3) uniformly mixing the pig pancreas powders and the medicament powders, disinfecting and sterilizing to obtain raw powders; and (4) preparing oral tablets, granules, pills, soluble granules or capsules with the raw powders. Based on the principle of monarch, subject, assistant and envoy, the medicament of the invention has synergistic effect, addresses both the symptoms and root causes, has better curative effect on the diabetes, and has obvious effect of treating serious diabetes. The raw medicinal materials adopted by the Chinese medicinal preparation are common Chinese medicaments, have low production cost and have no toxic or side effects basically.

Core premix for organic beef cattle

The invention relates to a core premix for organic beef cattle, which comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 10-40% of compound galenical preparation, 10-40% of compound enzyme preparation, 10-30% of compound micro-ecological preparation, 20-40% of natural mineral substances, 15-30% of natural vitamins and 5-30% of other preparations. The product can be mixed with organic crop straws, corn, cakes, wheat bran, grass powder, iodized salt, bone powder, calcium powder and the like in certain proportions to be used as a diet for the beef cattle; and by feeding the beef cattle with the diet all year round, not only the immunity of the organic beef cattle can be improved in the feeding process, but also the quality and taste of the beef are improved. Because the product uses the galenical preparation of a plurality of natural traditional Chinese medicines such as cordate houttuynia, honeysuckle flower, radix astragali, forsythia, tuckahoe, fleece-flower root, atractylodes rhizome, white atractylodes rhizome, hawthorn, liquorice and the like as additives to replace the western medicines and antibiotics, uses the compound enzyme preparation to improve the feed utilization ratio and uses the compound micro-ecological preparation to improve the intestinal tract environment of the beef cattle, thus ensuring the food safety of the organic beef.

Chinese medicine composite for treating chronic gastritis and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a Chinese medicine composite for treating chronic gastritis and a preparation method thereof. The Chinese medicine composite mainly comprises the following active pharmaceutical ingredients: medicated leaven, fructus hordei germinatus, radish seed, pericarpium citri reticulatae, rhizoma cyperi, rhizoma dioscoreae, fructus aurantii immaturus, jobstears seed, lignum dalbergiae odoriferae, grassleaf sweetflag rhizome, cortex magnoliae officinalis, styrax, tuckahoe, fructus amomi, radix et rhizoma rhei, semen pruni, radix trichosanthis, rhizoma coptidis, honeysuckle flower, dandelion, radix scrophulariae, largehead atractylodes rhizome, radix paeoniae alba, medicated leaven, radix angelicae sinensis and rhizoma corydalis, and the like. The Chinese medicine composite can be prepared to be any common oral preparation according to the conventional Chinese medicine preparation method. The Chinese medicine composite can obviously improve gas pain in the gastric cavity, decreased food appetite, fullness after dinner, sour regurgitation, stuffiness in chest and abdomen, heartburn, feverish dysphoria, gastric upset, fatigue, dry pharynx, stomach ache due to too hungry and full, infantile atrophy and the like, which has definite clinical effect, obvious curative effect and fast desired effect. The Chinese medicine composite also has the advantages of low cost, basically no toxic side effect and the like.

Chinese medicinal herb additive for egg chickens and application

The invention discloses a Chinese medicinal herb additive for egg chickens and application. The Chinese medicinal herb additive comprises membranous milkvetch root, eucommia bark, honeysuckle, jiuyue, Weeping Forsythiae Capsule, szechwon tangshen root, sanguisorba, hawthorn, Indian Buead, officinal magnolia bark, Chinese pulsatilla root, giant knotweed rhizome, ricepaperplant pith, largehead atractylodes rhizome, tangerine peel, malt, indigowoad root, swordlike atractylodes rhizome, indigowoad leaf, three immortals, liquorice, cyrtomium fortune, nutgrass galingale rhizome, chatoyancy, calamus and pinellia tuber, and mixture of the compositions is added with calcium bicarbonate, phytase, vitamin E and methionine. The Chinese medicinal herb additive effectively promotes absorption of nutrient, can prevent and control diseases, strengthen quality of eggshells, reduce the broken egg rate and soft-shell eggs, abnormal eggs and sand shell eggs, can effectively prevent bird flu, prevent and control diseases such as laxness, feather pecking, hair shedding, anus pecking, salpingitis, respiratory disease and the like, can achieve good effect with a dosage of about 4 percent, cannot damage physiological functions of the egg chickens, and can prolong egg laying peak season, improve color of the eggshells and the laying rate by 8 to 20 percent, and increase weight of eggs.

Traditional Chinese medicine for treating rheumatism

The invention discloses a Chinese medicine used for treating rheumatism, which is characterized in that the Chinese medicine is prepared by the following raw materials according to certain mixture ratio: Fllase AsiabelI Root Tangshen, Chinese Angelica, Radix Astragali Preparata, Radix Glycyrrhizae Preparata, Chinese Foxglove, Maltiflower Knotweed, Eucommia ulmoides, Cibotium barometz, Lily, Nagaimo, Radix Polygalae, Irkutsk Anemone Rhizome, Largehead Atractylodes Rh, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix Aucklandiae, Bupleurum, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Cinnamon, Rhizoma Cyperi, Jianqu, Immature Bitter Orange, Safflower, Peach Seed, Geosaurus, Ground beetle, resina draconis, Rhizoma et Radix Notopterygii, Boswellia carteri, Myrrh, Asarum, Clematis chinensis, Caulis Trachelospermi, Chinese photinia leaf, Herba Lycopodii, Common Floweringquince Fruit, Vegetable Sponge of Luffa, Radix Aconiti Preparata, Radic Aconiti Kusnezoffii Preparata, Rhizoma Gastrodiae, Divaricate Saposhnikovia Root, Periostracum Cicadae, Stiff Silkworm, Chinese Ephedra, Cassia Twig, Spica Schizonepetae, White Paeony Root, Dendrobium, Dried Rehmannia Root, Figwort Root, Coptis Root, Radix Scutellariae, Bark of Chinese Corktree, Calamintha chinensis Benth, Red Ginseng, whole worm, Panax Notoginseng, long-nosed pit viper, musk, prepared Rabiagar, stir-baked Rhizoma Atractylodis, Hairyvein Agrimony root, honey and vermilion. The Chinese medicine is primarily used for treating rheumatism and rheumatoid diseases, and has good effect on treating stroke and hemiplegia.

Traditional Chinese medicinal composition of heart-fire clearing herbal tea and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a traditional Chinese medicinal composition of heart-fire clearing herbal tea and a preparation method thereof. The composition comprises Chinese olive, rhizoma phragmitis, Japanese ginseng leaf, crataegus pinnatifida, Chinese dates, dendrobe, polygonatum odoratum, liquorice, lalang grass rhizome, watermeion peel, radix ophiopogonis, rhizoma atractylodis, eucommia, ganoderma lucidum, divaricate saposhnikovia root, herba houttuyniae, raw ginger, fortune eupatorium herb, honeysuckle, medlar, aged tea, magnolia officinalis, Chinese mosla herb, lespedeza cuneata, feverfew, astragalus membranaceus, raw rhizoma polygonati, lophantherum gracile, kudzuvine root, mint, pogostemon cablin, mesona blume, lotus leaf, raw pear, mungbean, sugar cane, raw white hyacinth bean flower, poria, medicated leaven, malt, atractylodes macrocephala koidz, American ginseng, fructus forsythiae, tremella, water chestnut, momordica grosvenori swingle, lemon, amomum and fructus caryophylli, and has the advantages of good heart-fire clearing and internal-fire removing effect and simple production process. The herbal tea does not have toxic or side effect, is mellow and smooth in taste, can be drunk for a long time, and has a good health-care effect.
Owner:刘 志勇

Feed for meat ducks and traditional Chinese medicine additive thereof

ActiveCN102450523AIncrease production capacityBoth non-specific antibacterial effectAnimal feeding stuffBaical Skullcap RootHouttuynia
The invention relates to a feed for meat ducks, and the feed comprises corn flour, soybean flour, wheat bran, fish meal, yeast powder, shell powder, pulverized lime, iodized salt, beef tallow, a premix of vitamins, a premix of minerals and a traditional Chinese medicine additive. The traditional Chinese medicine additive comprises dwarf lilyturf tuber, spreading hedyotis herb, glossy privet fruit, sessile stemona root, common selfheal fruit-spike, heartleaf houttuynia herb, baical skullcap root, indigowoad leaf, largehead atractylodes rhizome, pilose Asiabell root, membranous milkvetch root, Chinese angelica, maifanite, Chinese magnoliavine fruit, south dodder seed, barbed skullcap herb, lotus leaf, rhizoma corydalis and fructus forsythiae. The feed additive disclosed by the invention combines the dual actions of being medicinal and nutritive, and can be used for preventing diseases, improving the production performance, and further regulating the immune functions of organisms; and the feed additive has a non-specific antibacterial effect, and can be used for fundamentally protecting and coordinating the overall health of livestock and poultry, preventing the diseases, fully playing and improving the potential ability of the organisms, improving the digestion rate and utilization rate of nutrient substances, enhancing the metabolism of the livestock and the poultry, promoting blood circulation and increasing the growth rate.

Disease and insect resistant fertilizer produced by traditional Chinese medicines and preparation technology thereof

ActiveCN103319282AAntibacterial and anti-pest functionsRich in nutrientsFertilizer mixturesOysterRhizome
The invention relates to a?fertilizer,?in particular to a?fertilizer produced by the adoption of traditional Chinese medicines and a production method?thereof. The fertilizer comprises the following raw materials: artemisia capillaris, Tripterygium wilfordii,?radix stemonae,?Scutellaria,?coptis,?Phellodendron amurense,?Chinese rhubarb 1, honeysuckle,?Salvia miltiorrhiza,?safflower,?astragalus membranaceus,?bighead atractylodes rhizome, Paris polyphylla,?Poria cocos, Polygonum bistorta L.,?kelp, Chinese angelica, Polygonum multiflorum, root of chinese barberry, radix polygonati officinalis, Manis pentadactyla, gypsum, keel, oysters, limonite, cuttlebone and silkworm excrement. The fertilizer is extracted from pure organic raw materials, causes no pollution to the environment, has no residue, and is safe and environmentally friendly. Nutritive elements such as amino acid, synthetase, polysaccharide and the like contained in the fertilizer can be rapidly absorbed and utilized by plants, not stimulating or damaging plants. Due to diversity of the raw materials, nutrient composition of the fertilizer is more comprehensive, thus meeting the nutritive element diversity requirement of crops. Alkaline substances and other active substances in the traditional Chinese medicines can destroycell membrane so as to inhibit germs well. Meanwhile, the fertilizer has effects of repelling insects and inhibiting breeding of insects.

Formula for Chinese medicine for preventing and treating chemotherapeutic toxic and side reaction and preparation method for Chinese medicinal pills

The invention relates to a formula of a Chinese medicine for preventing and treating chemotherapeutic toxic and side reaction and a preparation method for Chinese medicinal pills. The Chinese medicine consists of donkey-hide gelatin, ginseng, cassia bark, Szechuan lovage rhizome, prepared rehmannia root, tuckahoe, largehead atractylodes rhizome, astragalus, Chinese angelica, white paeony root, south dodder seed, medlar, medicinal cyathula root, tangerine peel, glossy ganoderma, desertliving cistanche, hairy antler, musk, stalactite, medicinal indianmulberry root, prepared common monkshood daughter root, sea cucumber, liquoric root, deerhorn glue and yellow wine in a certain weight ratio. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: weighing the deerhorn glue in the weight ratio, adding into the yellow wine in the weight ratio, decocting, and cooling to room temperature to obtain glue solution; weighing the rest medicinal materials in the weight ratio, mixing uniformly, and crushing to form medicinal powder; and adding the medicinal powder into the glue solution, mixing uniformly, and pelletizing to form pills, wherein each pill is 5 grams. Clinical tests prove that the Chinese medicine can prevent and treat chemotherapeutic toxic and side reaction safely and effectively; and the preparation method for the pills is simple, convenient, easy and environment-friendly, and is suitable for production and clinical application.

Chinese medicinal composition for treating infantile diarrhea and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a Chinese medicinal composition for treating infantile diarrhea. In the Chinese medicinal composition, medicaments for oral administration comprise the following raw materials: Chinese pasque herb, cinnamomvine, stir-fried gordon euryale seed, pomegranate rind, costus root, nutmeg, largehead atractylodes rhizome, Indian buead, kudzuvine root, longstamen onion bulb, areca peel, golden thread and tangerine peel. For damp-heat diarrhea, talc, swordlike atractylodes rhizome, officinal magnolia bark and coix seed are added into the raw materials; for wind-cold diarrhea, wrinkled gianthyssop herb, parslane herb, weeping forsythia and divaricate saposhnikovia root are added into the raw materials; and for poor appetite, aphagia and spleen and kidney-yang deficiency, charred triplet, chicken's gizzard-membrane, Chinese magnoliavine fruit and flos caryophyllata are added into the raw materials. In the Chinese medicinal composition, externally-applied medicaments comprise foeniculi, cassia bark, fistular onion stalk, raw malt, indigowoad leaf, manchurian wildginger, amur corktree bark and mongolian dandelion herb. The Chinese medicinal composition has the effects of relieving pain, regulating the flow of vital energy and tonifying spleen, tonifying spleen, lung and kidney, tonifying middle-Jiao and qi and invigorating splenic yang and stopping diarrhea, is mainly used for treating diarrhea caused by discord in spleen and stomach and weakness of spleen and stomach, has a simple preparation process and a small toxic or side effect, is convenient to administrate, has low cost, short cure time and relapse prevention after cure, is convenient to prepare and can reach focus directly.

High and steep side slope ecological retrieved green spray-seeding base material and preparation method and application of base material

The invention relates to the technical field of side slope treatment, and discloses a high and steep side slope ecological retrieved green spray-seeding base material and a preparation method and application of the base material. The spray-seeding base material comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: 330-420 parts of planting soil, 20-30 parts of peat soil, 1.5-5 parts of organic fertilizer, 1-3 parts of grass fibers, 1-3 parts of sawdust, 0.03-0.05 part of a water-retaining agent, 0.02-0.04 part of an adhesive, 0.1-0.5 part of inorganic fertilizer, 0.5-2 parts of a pH adjustment agent, 30-44 parts of hybrid seeds and 150-200 parts of water, wherein the hybrid seeds consists of the following plant seeds in parts by weight: 10-12 parts of rhizomes tall fescue, 2-4 parts of trifolium repens, 3-5 parts of alfalfa, 2-3 parts of bermuda grass, 2.5-4 parts of indigofera pseudotinctoria, 4-6 parts of magnolia multiflora, 3-5 parts of cassia corymbosa, 2-3 parts of amorpha fruticosa and 1-2 parts of coreopsis. The base material disclosed by the invention for spray-seeding can make a soil replacement base layer with the intensity higher than 0.25MPa; after 45 days when a turf is formed, the rainwash strength is higher than or equal to 120mm/h; within half a year to a year, an ecological plant colony with shrubs which grow with the rainwash strength higher than or equal to 200mm/h and serve as main plants is formed.
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