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Licorice is an extract from the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant which contains glycyrrhizic acid, or GZA. GZA is made of one molecule of glycyrrhetic acid and two molecules of glucuronic acid. The extracts from the root of the plant can also be referred to as licorice, sweet root, and glycyrrhiza extract.

Chinese herbal medicinal feed additive for preventing and controlling swine infectious disease

InactiveCN101695342APrevention and treatment of asthmaPrevention and treatment of contagious pleuropneumoniaFood processingAnimal feeding stuffMedicinal herbsBaical Skullcap Root
The invention provides a Chinese herbal medicinal feed additive for preventing and controlling swine infectious disease. The swine feed additive consists of 37 Chinese medicinal herbs, namely, gypsum, rehmannia root, rhinoceros horn, golden thread, cape jasmine fruit, tree peony bark, baical skullcap root, red paeony root, figwort root, common anemarrhena rhizome, forsythia suspensa , platycodon root, liquorice root, common lophatherum herb, amur corktree bark, honeysuckle flower, Chinese pulsatilla root, indigowoad root, heartleaf houttuynia herb, astragalus, szechwon tangshan root, hawkthorn fruit, medicated leaven, barley sprout, radish seed, chicken's gizzard -membrane, Chinese thorowax root, common andrographis herb, philippine violet herb, tuber fleeceflower root, massa medicata fermentata fujianensis, cyrtomium rhizome, tung leaf, tangerine peel, white paeony root, pine needle and indigowoad leaf through scientific compatibility. The feed additive is added into swine feed in the proportion; under the condition of not using any vaccine, the feed additive can effectively prevent and cure severe mixed flu symptoms, infection and other syndromes caused by swine respiratory disease, asthma, contagious pleuropneumonia, swine virus mixed flu, high swine fever, porcine circovirus, swine fever, flu, pseudorabies, salmonellosis, bacillosis, streptococcus, erysipelas, paratyphoid, eperythrozoon, toxoplasm and other multi-pathogeny and provides genuine green food for the market.

Microbial ecological traditional Chinese medicine preparation for livestock and poultry from fermentation production of multiple bacterials and fermentation method thereof

The invention relates to micro-ecological Chinese medicine preparation for livestock and poultry by adoption of multi-strain fermentation production and a fermentation method. The compositions of traditional Chinese medicines in a culture medium of the fermentation preparation include: radix astragali, radix codonopsitis, Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, liquorice, medicated leaven, hawkthorn, angelica, Chinese rhubarb, Scutellaria baicalensis, radix isatidis, cordate houttuynia, sicklesenna seeds, Schisandra chinensis, Gynostemma pentaphylla, phellodendron, dried orange peel, radix bupleuri, curcuma, honeysuckle, Chinese gall, purslane and Quisqualis indica. The fermentation method is as follows: a multi-strain solid state fermentation strain is adopted for fermentation; bacillus subtilis, bacillus natto, bacillus licheniformis, beer yeast, Candida wtilis, Aspergillus niger, lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacteria are purified and subjected to anaerobic fermentation under the conditions of a rotating speed of 180 revolutions per minute at a temperature is 32 DEG C for 48 to 72 hours till the pH value reaches 4.0. The micro-ecological Chinese medicine preparation has the advantages that the micro-ecological Chinese medicine preparation uses probiotics to ferment different Chinese medicine compositions, and is micro-ecological Chinese medicine preparation which completely replaces antibiotics and has the advantages of no residual medicine, disease prevention, growth promotion and low cost.

Traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating gynaecopathia and preparation method of preparation

The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating gynaecopathia. The traditional Chinese medicine preparation is prepared from the following medicaments: radix bupleuri, Scutellaria baicalensis, jasmine, felwort, red paeony root, white paeony root, rhizoma cyperi, rhizoma curculiginis, herba epimedii, Chinese wolfberry fruit, Schisandra chinensis, plantain seed, Codonopsis pilosula Nnannf, processed rehmannia glutinosa, semen cuscutae, dogwood, szechwan chinaberry fruit, bighead atractylodes rhizome, costus root, eucommia ulmoides, Morinda officinalis, fiveleaf akebia fruit, aspongopus, liquorice, leonurus, rhizoma sparganii, curcuma zedoary, kudzu vine root, cimicifugae foetidae, rhizoma polygonati, Bupleurum falcatum, mint, poria cocos, ephedra, platycodongrandiflorum, red-rooted salvia root, polygonum multiflorum, sculellaria barbata, Chinese lobelia, combined spicebush root, pericarpium citri reticulatae viride, dried orange peel, Chinese angelica, pangolin, radix curcumae, astragalus mongholicus, gynostemma pentaphylla, fig, rhizoma alismatis, root bark of the peony tree, yam, turtle shell, spina gleditsiae, deer horn cornu cervi, root of bidentate achyranthes, monkshood slice, frankincense and myrrh. The invention provides a preparation method for effectively extracting the active components of all the traditional Chinese medicine raw materials on the basis of a traditional Chinese medicine processing method and a modern scientific extraction process, thereby maintaining the active components of the raw materials to the greatest extent.

Core premix for organic beef cattle

The invention relates to a core premix for organic beef cattle, which comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 10-40% of compound galenical preparation, 10-40% of compound enzyme preparation, 10-30% of compound micro-ecological preparation, 20-40% of natural mineral substances, 15-30% of natural vitamins and 5-30% of other preparations. The product can be mixed with organic crop straws, corn, cakes, wheat bran, grass powder, iodized salt, bone powder, calcium powder and the like in certain proportions to be used as a diet for the beef cattle; and by feeding the beef cattle with the diet all year round, not only the immunity of the organic beef cattle can be improved in the feeding process, but also the quality and taste of the beef are improved. Because the product uses the galenical preparation of a plurality of natural traditional Chinese medicines such as cordate houttuynia, honeysuckle flower, radix astragali, forsythia, tuckahoe, fleece-flower root, atractylodes rhizome, white atractylodes rhizome, hawthorn, liquorice and the like as additives to replace the western medicines and antibiotics, uses the compound enzyme preparation to improve the feed utilization ratio and uses the compound micro-ecological preparation to improve the intestinal tract environment of the beef cattle, thus ensuring the food safety of the organic beef.

Chinese medicinal herb additive for egg chickens and application

The invention discloses a Chinese medicinal herb additive for egg chickens and application. The Chinese medicinal herb additive comprises membranous milkvetch root, eucommia bark, honeysuckle, jiuyue, Weeping Forsythiae Capsule, szechwon tangshen root, sanguisorba, hawthorn, Indian Buead, officinal magnolia bark, Chinese pulsatilla root, giant knotweed rhizome, ricepaperplant pith, largehead atractylodes rhizome, tangerine peel, malt, indigowoad root, swordlike atractylodes rhizome, indigowoad leaf, three immortals, liquorice, cyrtomium fortune, nutgrass galingale rhizome, chatoyancy, calamus and pinellia tuber, and mixture of the compositions is added with calcium bicarbonate, phytase, vitamin E and methionine. The Chinese medicinal herb additive effectively promotes absorption of nutrient, can prevent and control diseases, strengthen quality of eggshells, reduce the broken egg rate and soft-shell eggs, abnormal eggs and sand shell eggs, can effectively prevent bird flu, prevent and control diseases such as laxness, feather pecking, hair shedding, anus pecking, salpingitis, respiratory disease and the like, can achieve good effect with a dosage of about 4 percent, cannot damage physiological functions of the egg chickens, and can prolong egg laying peak season, improve color of the eggshells and the laying rate by 8 to 20 percent, and increase weight of eggs.

Method for preparing health-care medicinal liquor

The invention relates to a method for preparing health care wine in the field of health wine product. The compositions and the weight portions are as follows: 20 to 25 portions of ginseng, 10 to 15 portions of astragalus root, 15 to 20 portions of liquorice, 15 to 20 portions of Chinese yam, 10 to 15 portions of angelica, 10 to 15 portions of root of herbaceous peony, 20 to 25 portions of Chinese wolfberry, 10 to 15 portions of dried rhizome of rehmannia, 10 to 15 portions of prepared rhizome of rehmannia, 15 to 20 portions of colla corii asini, 10 to 15 portions of schisandra chinensis, 10 to 15 portions of dogberry, 20 to 30 portions of pilose antler, 20 to 30 portions of worm grass, 20 to 25 portions of epimedium, 15 to 20 portions of Cistanche salsa, 20 to 30 portions of safflower, 20 to 25 portions of radix salviae miltiorrhizae, 15 to 20 portions of radix cyathulae, 10 to 15 portions of cinnamon, 15 to 20 portions of polygala, 20 to 30 portions of eucommia bark, 10 to 15 portions of polygonatum, 20 to 25 portions of Tuckahoe, 15 to 20 portions of hawthorn, 20 to 25 portions of dried orange peel, 15 to 20 portions of bitter cardamom, and 30 to 40 portions of glossy ganoderma, wherein the compositions are brewed by white spirit. The composing formula has appropriate compatibility and efficacies of invigorating the vital energy, enriching the blood, nourishing Yin and Yang, promoting blood circulation to dispel blood stasis, calming the nerve and regulating the vital energy, tonifying the kidney and arresting seminal emission, opening and regulating all vessels, improving the immunity, delaying senility, and nourishing the Yin and strengthening the Yang.

Traditional Chinese medicine for curing alopecia

Traditional Chinese medicine for curing alopecia solves the problems of the existing medicines for curing alopecia, such as long period of treatment, long-term effect, single efficacy and high tendency towards relapsing. The traditional Chinese medicine of the invention includes medicaments for oral and external administration: the medicament for oral administration comprises the following components: prepared rhizome of rehmannia, Chinese angelica, hemlock parsley, baked bighead atractylodes rhizome, tuber fleeceflower stem, glossy privet fruit, common dodder, spatholobus stem, baked fleece-flower root, endothelium corneum gigeriae galli, Cornus officinalis sieb et zucc, herba epimedii, shizandra berry, tuckahoe, white peony root, root of red-rooted salvia, cacumen biotae, eclipta alba, niger seed, mulberry fruit, radix polygalae, fried wild jujube, cortex albiziae, notopterygium root, Radix Arnebiae seu Lithospermi, goldthread root, scutellaria baicalensis, peach kernel and raw liquorice root; and the medicaments for external administration comprises the following components: cacumen biotae, baked fleece-flower root, eclipta alba, pod pepper, drynaria baronii, green rhizomes, red flower, bark of tree peony root, root of red-rooted salvia, ginseng, hemlock parsley, lopseed, mulberry fruit, niger seed and borneol. The traditional Chinese medicine of the invention for curing alopecia has the advantages of short treatment period, instant effect, high efficiency and low tendency towards relapsing after treatment, and has good curative effects on alopecia areata, general alopecia, whole alopecia and seborrheic alopecia.

Green traditional Chinese medicine feedstuff

The invention relates to a green Chinese traditional medicine feed for feeding livestock and poultry, belonging to the rural area stock raising field. The feed is characterized in that the feed is prepared by the mixing of bean pulp of cooked soybean, rape seed cake, cotton cake, fish meal, bone meal, shellfish powder, umbilicus pulp of corn, urea, multiplex vitamin, magnesium sulplate, sodium bicarbonate, Chinese traditional medicines of angelica, tuber fleeceflower, notoperygium root, dried tangerine peel, ledebouriella root, radix codonopsis pilosulae, medicated leaven, rmalt, atractylodes rhizome, Chinese date, milkvetch root, liquorice, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, Chinese goldthread, mucuna macrocarpa, chuanxiong rhizome, frankincense, radix salviae miltiorrhizae, yellow-corktree bark, kuhseng, pine branch, hawkthorn, ginger powder, Chinese anise and carrot powder, micro elements of copper, iron, zinc, manganese, selenium and potassium and amino acids of methionine and threonine. The invention is a green Chinese traditional medicine feed for livestock and poultry, can make all stock raising animals such as pigs, cattle, sheep and poultries absorb nourishments in high efficiency and improve the capability of resisting viruses and bacteria, and can prevent illness and plague; moreover, the meat of the animals fed by the feed meets the national green meat product standard.

Preparation method of Chinese medicinal herbal fermented beancurd

The invention relates to a production technology of Chinese medicinal herbal health fermented beancurd. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: 1) immersing; 2) grinding; 3) filtering; 4) cooking; 5) curdling; 6) culturing uncongealed beancurd; 7) squeezing and slicing; 8) performing early fermentation; 9) preparing the following Chinese medicinal herbal raw materials in 150kg of beancurd raw body by weight: 100g of pepper, 150g of liquorice, 120g of anise, 120g of cinnamon, 100g of medlar, 150g of cumin, 100g of tsaoko amomum fruit, 100g of cardamom, 100g of esmodium, 150g of fructus amomi, 100g of schisandra chinensis, 100g of dried tangerine peel, 150g of mangnolia officinalis, 150g of dogwood, 150g of radix salviae miltiorrhizae, and 100g of galangal, mixing and grinding into fine powder for later use; 10) pickling fermentation materials in later stage of preparation; and 11) stirring and filling into a pot for later fermentation. The beancurd is naturally fermented and brewed, prepared form Chinese medicinal herbs, can be darker and mellower when the preservation period is longer, and has the advantages of unique flavor, rich nutrition, strong color and smell, stomach-invigoration and long-lasting aftertastes, and has more local characteristics of Hunan flavor.

Chinese herbal medicine health-care cigarette

InactiveCN101690613ASolve the disadvantages of containing a large amount of tar and other harmful substancesSolve the problem of irritating and easily causing drynessTobacco treatmentCigar manufactureChrysanthemum FlowerPeppermints
The invention discloses a Chinese herbal medicine health-care cigarette, comprising a cigarette stem and a filter tip connected with the cigarette stem, wherein shredded tobacco is contained in the cigarette stem; the shredded tobacco is prepared by mixing Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese alpine rush fibers and essence; the Chinese herbal medicines comprise elm bark powder matched with one or a plurality of radix isatidis, lotus leaf, peppermint leaf, tea leaf, honeysuckle flower, chrysanthemum flower, clove, liquorice, ginger, radix scutellariae and Chinese thorowax. The Chinese herbal medicine health-care cigarette adopts the elm bark powder instead of the traditional shredded tobacco adhesive containing large amounts of coke tar and other harmful substances, uses the Chinese alpine rush fibers and the essence as the auxiliary materials and combines the Chinese herbal medicines to prepare the Chinese herbal medicine health-care cigarette of which the mouth feel, the lasting taste, the burning speed and the ash color are close to those of the traditional cigarette. The health-care cigarette does not contain harmful substances contained in the traditional cigarette, so that smokers can enjoy the feel of traditional smoking and absorb the abstract of the Chinese herbal medicines at the same time; and therefore, the health-care cigarette performs the functions of keeping good health and strengthening the body.

Moderate skin cream containing multiple kinds of pure natural plant extracts

The invention discloses a moderate skin cream containing multiple kinds of pure natural plant extracts. A pure natural green tea extract, a liquorice root extract, a rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract, a scutellaria baicalensis root extract, a chrysanthemum extract and a centella asiatica extract are added in raw materials of the skin cream, and all have effects of resisting inflammation and adjusting immunity; the skin cream is capable of completely inhibiting a dozen of inflammatory factors, rapidly stopping skin inflammations caused by various reasons and inhibiting malignant linkage physiological reactions in all stages of the inflammations, has an effect of sephalosprins and is safe without side effects, also has cooperative effects of resisting oxidization, soothing and preserving moisture, and especially has a remarkable clinical effect for nursing of sensitive skin and skin of infants; and the six kinds of selected pure natural plant extracts are added in the skin cream, so that the symptoms such as inflammation and allergies caused by factors such as climate, environment and stimulating substances of the infants can be greatly reduced, the tender and lovely skin of the infants is protected, and thus the moderate skin cream is suitable for being used by the infants.
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