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Mobile computing weight, diet, nutrition, and exercise tracking system with enhanced feedback and data acquisition functionality

An illustrative mobile computing device executing weight, nutrition, health, behavior and exercise application software serves as a simulated combination personal trainer and dietician / nutritionist for the user using comprehensive databases storing personalized health, nutrition and exercise information. A mobile computing device, such as a smartphone, executing such software monitors, tracks and / or adjusts caloric intake, energy expenditure taking into account nutritional information and behavioral factors. The mobile computing device receives food consumption, exercise-related, behavior and other input using speech input and the device's GPS subsystem to ease data entry burden on users and to promote continued long-term usage. The system rewards user goal achievement in an automatic, seamless manner, through, for example, downloading music, books, or other media. In illustrative implementations, the system assists users to make healthy food and exercise choices by using a comprehensive color code system to identify good choices, bad choices and those in between.

Black soybean cake processing method

The invention provides a black soybean cake processing method. The processing comprises the steps that 1, black soybean powder, glutinous rice flour, rice flour, red dates, lily, sweet-scented osmanthus, the fruits of Chinese wolfberry, mint leaves, granulated sugar, sesame powder and palm oil are weighed; 2, the red dates, the lily, the sweet-scented osmanthus, the fruits of Chinese wolfberry and the mint leaves are heated and decocted; 3, the granulated sugar is heated to be dissolved; 4, the black soybean powder, the glutinous rice flour and the rice flour are mixed, and then mixed liquid and the palm oil are added in the mixture for high-temperature steaming; 5, the steamed cake is coated with the sesame powder in a rolling mode. The black soybean cake processing method has simple steps, the black soybean cake is crisp and delicious and makes people enjoy aftertaste, and black soybeans have rich nutrients and have the effects of promoting cholesterol metabolism, lowering blood lipid, preventing cardiovascular disease and the like. Meanwhile, due to the fact that the red dates, the lily, the sweet-scented osmanthus, the fruits of Chinese wolfberry, the mint leaves and the like are added in the formula, the black soybean cake has the effects of enriching yin, nourishing kidney, protecting the liver, nourishing the stomach, discharging toxicant, keeping beauty and the like.

Iron-based bio-char material, preparation process thereof, and application thereof in soil pollution treatment

The invention relates to the technical field of soil heavy metal remediation, and specifically discloses a method for preparing an iron-based bio-char material, a prepared iron-based bio-char material, and a method for applying the iron-based bio-char material in treating soil heavy metal pollution. According to the material, biomass is adopted as a raw material; a high-temperature carbonization method is adopted; during the bio-char preparation process, an iron-containing compound is added, such that iron is doped according to a certain ratio, and the iron-based bio-char material with special structure and function is formed. The material has the advantages of simple preparation process, low production cost, and short production period. The obtained iron-based bio-char material has a unique effect in repairing arsenic-cadmium composite polluted soil. With the material, bio-availability of arsenic and cadmium in soil can be effectively reduced, arsenic and cadmium contents in agricultural products planted in the arsenic-cadmium composite polluted soil can be greatly reduced, and no toxic or side effect is caused on crops. The material is safe to apply, and can be used in a large scale in treatment of arsenic-cadmium composite polluted soil.

Method for preparing magnetic filling with biological affinity, hydrophilicity and activity for water treatment

The present invention relates to a preparation method of biological affinity hydrophilic active magnetic seed filling material for treating water. It is characterized by that said method includes the following steps: mixing biological affinity substance, hydrophilic substance, magnetic powder and active carbon or magnetic powder and calcium carbonate in the high-molecular base material, and adding dispersion lubricating agent, uniformly stirring them, placing them into injection moulding machine, utilizing filling mould to make extrusion moulding and magnetizing, so as to obtain the invented filling material. It has biological affinity and hydrophilicity, at the same time can induce microbial activity and enzyme activity, and can raise oxygen utilization rate in water and water treatment efficiency.

Balanced enteral total nutrient preparation suitable for nutrition support of Asian population

The invention relates to an intestinal nutrient preparation, in particular to an intestinal nutrient preparation which is fit for Asian people nutrient support and has balanced medical effect, which comprises carbohydrate, plant protein, fat, vitamin, prandial fiber, emulsifying thickener, sodium nutrition, calcium nutrition, phosphor nutrition, kalium nutrition, magnesium nutrition, ferrum nutrition, zinc nutrition, iodine nutrition, selenium nutrition, cuprum nutrition, chromium nutrition, manganese nutrition, balsam pear powder, etc.

A kind of Chinese herbal medicine feed for laying hens and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a Chinese herbal medicinal forage for a laying hen and a preparation method thereof. The Chinese herbal medicinal forage for the laying hen comprises two parts of a raw material pulvis which comprises soybean meal, wheat bran, corn, wheat gluten powder, carrot powder, a feed of visceral organs of fresh fish, and the like and a Chinese herbal medicinal additive which comprises raw materials of honeysuckle flower, phellodendron, Radix Codonopsis, bitter apricot kernel, licorice, fructus forsythiae, isatis root and the like. The preparation method comprises the followingsteps: sequentially crushing above raw materials, mixing, stirring, crushing, drying, stirring, bulking, and producing the hard particulate forage. The preparation method has the advantages of reasonable formula, convenient preparation and operation, good environmental protection effect and the like. The Chinese herbal medicinal forage, which can promote the metabolism level of an individual of the laying hen, has good prevention and treating effects on diseases of cold, bird flu, new castle disease, white diarrhea, gastritis, proctoptosia, red and swollen arse and bad digestive system of thelaying hen, and can obviously improve the immunological competence of the laying hen and effectively solve an epidemic prevention problem of a large-scale laying hen culturing farm, accords with production requirements of nuisance free eggs and has a high cost performance.

A flexible retina chip and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses the flexible retina chip. Between top layer polymeric film and bottom polymeric film there are silicon islands and via holes, in the silicon island there are function units which is used to simulate physiological function, and the between silicon island and top layer there is lead wire layer; bottom polymeric film is bonded with the top layer polymeric; the electric pole is on the top layer polymeric film or bottom polymeric film. The chip uses the MEMS technology to realize the integration of micro function unit and flexible basement. On the surface of the chip there are holes, so it is easy for nutriment and metabolite to exchange. The invention has the advantages of good biology function perfect ness, good metabolism, and improving the bending property and flexible of chip. The invention is used to high efficiency batch make.

Mask liquid with multiple skin care effects and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses mask liquid with multiple skin care effects and a preparation method thereof, aims at providing mask liquid which has effects of skin whitening, speckle removing, wrinkle smoothing, inflammation relieving and diminishing, long-lasting moisturizing and grease balancing, and belongs to the technical field of cosmetics. According to the technical scheme, the mask liquid is prepared from, by weight, 0.5%-3% of sericin, 3.011%-14.02% of a plant extract, 1.11%-8.35% of a moisturizer, 8%-15% of polyalcohol, 0.1%-1.5% of active peptides, 0.08%-0.15% of Carbomer, 0.08%-0.15% of triethanolamine, 0.02%-0.06% of disodium EDTA, 0.3%-0.5% of a preservative and the balance deionized water.
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