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A textile is a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibers (yarn or thread). Yarn is produced by spinning raw fibres of wool, flax, cotton, hemp, or other materials to produce long strands. Textiles are formed by weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting or tatting, felting, or braiding.

Industrial Wastewater Microwave Electrodeless UV Photocatalysis-Double Membrane Separation Coupling Treatment Device

The present invention is an industrial waste water microwave electrodeless ultraviolet photocatalysis-dual membrane separation coupling treatment device, the device mainly consists of a reactor (1), a membrane separation system (2), a microwave electrodeless ultraviolet light source system (4), an aeration system, and an ozone tail gas decomposition device (7) connected to the reactor, and an inlet and outlet water system, wherein: the upper and lower parts of the reactor are respectively the reaction zone and the aeration zone, which are separated by a water distribution plate (5); the membrane separation system The microwave electrodeless ultraviolet light source system is located in the reaction zone and is separated by a corrugated partition (3); the aeration system is composed of a microporous aeration head (6) and a blower (8), and the microporous aeration head is located in the aeration At the bottom of the zone, the blower sends air to the aeration zone through the air duct. The invention has the characteristics of high reaction rate, complete degradation of organic matter, long-term operation and the like, and has strong operability and high safety. It is suitable for the treatment of refractory organic industrial wastewater, and it is also suitable for sterilization and disinfection in the field of water supply.

Treatments and kits for creating transparent renewable surface protective coatings

Methods, treatment compositions and treatment systems are disclosed for forming a detachable and renewable coating on a receptive surface by a process of applying a treatment composition comprising a plurality of hydrophobically modified fumed silica particles colloidally dispersed in a volatile solvent; allowing the volatile solvent to evaporate; and thereby depositing a protective coating on the receptive surface consisting of a layer of the hydrophobically modified particles, which provide a substantially transparent coating with dirt- and water-repellency properties that effectively shed dry particulate soils as well as water from the treated surface or treated article bearing a receptive surface. The methods, treatment compositions and treatment systems employing the hydrophobically modified fumed silica particle are particularly useful in providing nearly invisible detachable coatings and treated articles featuring surface protective benefits including dirt- and water-repellency, self-cleaning with water, and easier cleaning benefits when applied to a variety of automotive and home surfaces, both interior and exterior, including articles and materials such as metals, painted materials, sealed materials, plastics and polymeric articles, wood, textiles and the like.
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