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Definition of Biological Material. Biological Material means any material containing genetic information and capable of reproducing itself or being reproduced in a biological system;

Method of treating biological materials with translating electrical fields and electrode polarity reversal

A method and apparatus are provided for treating biological cellular material with a treating agent using pulsed electrical fields provided by a waveform generator (12). The treatment method includes obtaining an electrode assembly which includes three or more parallel rows of individual electrodes (19). The electrode assembly is applied to a treatment area. Electrically conductive pathways are established between the electrodes (19) and the waveform generator (12) through an array switch (14). Successive electric fields are applied to the treatment area in the form of successive electric field waveforms from the waveform generator (12), through the array switch (14), to adjacent rows of electrodes (19), wherein each successive electric field has the same direction, and wherein polarities of rows of electrodes are reversed successively during the applying of the successive electric fields between adjacent successive rows of electrodes to the treatment area. As a result, the biological cellular material in the treatment area is treated with the treating agent unidirectionally with uniform electric fields with a minimization of the formation of deleterious electrochemistry products at the electrodes.
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