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Phenolate lignin tackiness agent and preparing method of phenolate lignin tackiness agent

The invention discloses a phenolate lignin tackiness agent and a preparing method of the phenolate lignin tackiness agent. Under the normal pressure, phenol serves as a phenolate reagent, lignin and master and slave acid catalysts are added at a certain temperature at four to five times in sequence, the temperature is rose to 100 DEG C-130 DEG C, heat preservation reaction is carried out, cooling is carried out, basic catalysts are added, after the heat preservation reaction is carried out for a certain time, aldehydes materials are added at four times, heat preservation reaction is carried out at 80 DEG C-95 DEG C until the viscosity meets the requirement, water is added to adjust the solid content, and meanwhile rapid cooling is carried to enable the temperature to be lower than 50 DEG C, discharging is carried out, and then the phenolate lignin tackiness agent is obtained. Compared with a traditional phenolate lignin tackiness agent, the prepared phenolate lignin tackiness agent has the advantages that the replacement amount of the lignin to the phenol is as high as 50%-80%, and the cost can be reduced by about 40%. The phenolate lignin tackiness agent prepared with the method is safe, environmentally friendly, good in mobility and good in storage stability. Bamboo/wood plywood manufactured with the phenolate lignin tackiness agent has the good mechanics performance and the good hydrolytic resistance.
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