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Water-dispersible granules, also known as dry flowables, are like wettable powders except instead of being dustlike, they are formulated as small, easily measured granules. Water-dispersible granules must be mixed with water to be applied. Once in water, the granules break apart into fine particles similar to wettable powders.

Compositions and methods for manufacturing starch-based compositions

Compositions and methods for manufacturing sheets having a starch-bound matrix reinforced with fibers and optionally including an inorganic mineral filler. Suitable mixtures for forming the sheets are prepared by mixing together water, unmodified and ungelatinized starch granules, an auxiliary water-dispersible organic polymer, fibers, and optionally an inorganic mineral filler in the correct proportions to form a sheet having desired properties. The mixtures are formed into sheets by passing them between one or more sets of heated rollers to form green sheets. The heated rollers cause the auxiliary polymer to form a skin on the outer surfaces of the sheet that prevents the starch granules from causing the sheet to adhere to the rollers upon gelation of the starch. The green sheets are passed between heated rollers to gelatinize the starch granules, and then to dry the sheet by removing a substantial portion of the water by evaporation. The starch and auxiliary polymer form the binding matrix of the sheets with the fibers and optional inorganic filler dispersed throughout the binding matrix. The starch-bound sheets can be cut, rolled, pressed, scored, perforated, folded, and glued to fashion articles from the sheets much like paper or paperboard. The sheets are particularly useful in the mass production of containers, such as food and beverage containers.

Fertilizer water-dispersion granule and preparation thereof

The invention relates to a fertilizer water dispersible granule and a method for preparing the same. The fertilizer water dispersible granule comprises one or more of plant nutrient substances and at least one surfactant which are processed to prepare the regular or irregular granular water dispersible granule. The fertilizer water dispersible granule consists of the following raw materials in portion by weight: 5 to 95 portions of the plant nutrient substance, 1 to 40 portions of the surfactant and 0 to 94 portions of an assistant. The invention has a preferential proposal: the plant nutrient substance comprises monopotassium phosphate, boric acid or borax, humic acid and salt thereof. The fertilizer water dispersible granule also comprises one or more of growth regulators. In addition, the fertilizer water dispersible granule can also comprise a disintegrating agent, an adhesive, a filler, a colorant and other assistants. The preparation method comprises: the metering, pulverization, even mixing, pelletization and drying of formula materials to obtain the fertilizer water dispersible granule. The fertilizer water dispersible granule has rapid disintegrating and dissolving (dispersing) speed in water, is fully dissolved, does not block a nozzle and a drop irrigation pipeline, is uneasy to absorb moisture, has high content of effective compositions, low packaging, storage, transportation, metering and use cost and high utilization rate of the effective compositions, reduces waste and environmental pollution, is widely applied to economic crop, gardening, lawn and urban greening and has extremely wide market application prospect.
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