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Inhalation spray of antivirus medicines

The invention relates to an inhalation spray of antivirus medicines. The inhalation spray comprises the following components in percentage by mass of 0%-30% of antivirus activity agents, 0%-30% of auxiliary agents, 0%-30% of taste masking agents and the balance solvents, wherein the content of the antivirus activity agents and the content of the auxiliary agents are not 0% at the same time. Compared with the prior art, the inhalation spray disclosed by the application has the purpose that during outbreak period of epidemic corona viruses and other viruses, people do not need to occupy medicalresources in short supply and only need to inhale the antivirus medicines into respiratory tracts, medicine administration is accurately targeted, and the objective of preventing virus infection and propagation can be achieved; in addition, through united medication of the antivirus activity agents and the auxiliary agents, besides, various medicines are inhaled into the respiratory tract of a patient, synergistic treatment effects are generated, the viruses are eliminated, and serious respiratory tract and infection and serious pulmonary infection caused by the viruses can be treated; and chloroquine type antivirus medicines and macrocyclic antibiotics are inhaled through spraying for united medication, and the dosage of the medicines can be notably reduced, so that side effects of prolonged QT intervals, Tdp and sudden cardiac death caused by the medicines can be reduced.
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