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Parked vehicle re-location and advertising/promotion/coupon distribution device

A device or system of devices which a person can use to easily remember the location of a vehicle in a parking garage, parking lot, street or other such area used for parking or storing vehicles. The device or system of devices can also be used by a destination-operator to notify a person of the business at that destination, sales, services, etc. in order to attract a prospective destination-utilizer to that destination. The device or system of devices may provide coupons or other transaction-inducing indicators for use at one or more destinations. The device or system of devices may include a paper scroll which extrudes from the device or system of devices, which paper scroll may describe the location of a vehicle, the best exit path to reach the vehicle from one or more parking-utilizing destinations, and an advertisement and/or coupon and map for one or more parking-utilizing destinations. The device or system of devices may also utilize basic technologies such as paper, paper-rolls, printers and the like to perform its functions. The device or system of devices may utilize any of the following technologies to perform it's functions, including but not limited to electronics, radio-frequency identification tags, radio-wave, laser, micro-wave, infra-red data transfer, or any other technology that may be useful. The device may also be used to keep track of the location of goods which have been placed in an indoor or outdoor storage facility. The device may also be used to help patrons of events such as indoor or outdoor concerts, athletic events, rallies and the like keep track of their seat location and retrieve instructions for returning to the seat after leaving the seat to purchase food, drinks, use the bathrooms, or engage in other such activities. While patrons at these events have tickets with seat numbers, the tickets often do not have maps and it is easy to get lost in a crowded facility where many areas look the same. The device provides information to the immediate user, and also a space for advertising or promotions for businesses.

Visual programming tool and execution environment for developing computer software applications

A visual programming tool and execution environment, based on pre-developed object classes including an action class and an action list class, implemented on a computer having persistent storage, a display screen and one or more input devices which a user employs to command the said programming tool to develop software applications. The said pre-developed object classes which are used by the said programming tool support property-method-event model. In response to input from the user, the said programming tool creates object class instances from the said pre-developed object classes and graphically presents the said object class instances on the display screen; in response to input from the user, instances of object classes are manipulated graphically to form visual presentations of the software application; in response to input from the user, each property of each instance of object class is set; in response to input from the user, each event of each object class instance may be assigned an ordered action list as the event handler; each action in the said action list is formed by 1) an action performer which is an existing instance of object class; 2) an action method which is one of the single or plurality of methods of the said action performer; 3) action data if the action method requires it; in response to input from the user, each said action in the said action list is created by steps of 1) picking an instance of object class as the action performer from the existing instances of object classes presented to the user in an organized manner; 2) picking a method as the action method from the supported methods of the said picked instance of object class, the said methods are presented to the user on the display screen for the user to pick; 3) picking/specifying data for the said picked method via one or more dialog-boxes, if action data is required for the said picked action method. The said programming tool saves said object class instances and said action lists, together with the relationship between action lists and events of the said object class instances, to the computer persistent storage. What the said programming tool saves on the computer persistent storage form the software application developed by the user using the said programming tool. To execute the software application, the said programming tool reads back from the computer persistent storage the said saved object class instances, action lists and the relationship between action lists and events of the object class instances; creates and display the object class instances; responses to each event by sequentially executing each action in the said action list assigned to the said event; the said programming tool executes each action by the following steps 1) locating the object class instance which is assigned as the action performer for the action; 2) signaling to the said action performer which action method is specified for the action; 3) if the method data is specified for the said method of the said located object class instance, the method data is passed to the said object class instance as well; 4) the said located object class instance carries out the said action method.

Forest fire early-warning method

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The invention discloses a forest fire early-warning method. A large amount of forest fires happen every year in the world so that how to immediately discover fire danger is very necessary to reduction of property loss. According to the forest fire early-warning method disclosed by the invention, omnibearing and all-weather patrolling and monitoring on a forest are realized by combining satellite communication and wireless communication through an aerial photography function of a pilotless aircraft; a satellite communication device, an infrared video camera, a GPS (Global Position System) and the like are arranged on a small pilotless aircraft, and a corresponding wireless receiver is arranged on a firefighting center; and after a fire point of the forest is found out, the infrared video camera on the pilotless aircraft shoots the fire point, the GPS records geographic information of the fire point and transmits to the wireless receiver of the firefighting center through the satellite communication device, and the firefighting center quickly analyzes and judges fire situation or immediately calls up firefighters to carry out fire extinguishment rescue action after receiving early-warning information. The forest fire early-warning method disclosed by the invention has the advantages of low investment cost, wide cruising range and the like.

Unmanned plane autonomous landing guidance method combining monocular vision and laser ranging

The present invention discloses an unmanned plane autonomous landing guidance method combining monocular vision and laser ranging, and aims at solving the technical problem of poor accuracy of the unmanned plane autonomous landing guidance method existing. The unmanned plane autonomous landing guidance method is as follows: information of distance from an unmanned plane to a landing site can be obtained in real time by use of a laser rangefinder, and object identification is performed by the use of monocular vision; first, by use of a horizontal platform deck adjusting camera with independently-adjustable three-dimensional degree, front and back pitching angle and right and left tilting angel can be adjusted to horizontal zero degree state, geometry translation relationship between actual position information and pixel coordinates can be determined according to a target image, and finally three-dimensional coordinates of the unmanned plane in a given coordinate system can be calculated so as to achieve unmanned plane autonomous landing guidance. The unmanned plane autonomous landing guidance method combines the monocular vision and the laser rangefinder, so that accuracy is high, range is wide and performance is stable. After testing, the precision of the unmanned plane autonomous landing guidance method can be reduced from 5 meters within 200 meters of the background technology to 0.5 meter within 200 meters.
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