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CPU-based graphic rendering engine and realization method

The invention discloses a CPU-based graphic rendering engine and a realization method. The CPU-based graphic rendering engine consists of a rending preparation module, a camera space module, a conversion module, an illumination module, a rasterization module, a rendering ending module. The realization method for graphic rendering comprises the following steps that: an application program sets a rendering state and sends the rendering state to the rendering preparation module and meanwhile, the rendering preparation module initializes a color buffer region and a depth buffer region; the camera space module establishes a view conversion matrix and a projection conversion matrix according to camera data in a scene; objects in the scene are taken successively and the conversion module, the illumination module and the rasterization module carry out processing on the objects to complete rendering on all the subjects; after all the objects in the scene are rendered, a rendering result is posted back to the application program and is then output; and the rendering ending module empties the color buffer region and the depth buffer region that are prepared during the rendering preparation stage. According to the invention, it can be realized that graphic rendering is carried out directly based on a CPU without relying on a display card, thereby realizing good portability and realizing controllability on an effect of a subtitle system.

Dynamic brain function detection method and system based on near infrared spectrum and blood pressure information

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The invention relates to a dynamic brain function detection method and system based on a near infrared spectrum and blood pressure information. The method comprises the steps that 1, near infrared spectrum detection equipment is used for collecting a brain blood oxygen signal of a testee, and meanwhile blood pressure equipment is used for collecting arterial blood pressure of the testee; 2, a brain blood oxygen signal and the blood pressure signal collected in the step 1 are input into a wavelet coherence analysis module, the wavelet coherence analysis method is used for performing time frequency analysis on the blood pressure signal and the brain blood oxygen signal of each channel, a pair of near infrared transmitter and an absorption sensor form a channel, and different physiological source rates correspond to different feature frequency sections; 3, according to the time frequency analysis in the step 2, a wavelet coherence coefficient of each feature frequency section is obtained, and the wavelet coherence coefficient shows consistency of the blood oxygen signal and the blood pressure inside the feature frequency section. By means of brain blood oxygen and arterial pressure physiological signals, on the basis of wavelet coherence or wavelet phase coherence or effect connection analysis, the noninvasive dynamic brain function is easily evaluated.

Image embedded processing system and obtaining and positioning method for low-light image light spots

The invention belongs to the technical field of precise metering instruments, and particularly relates to an image embedded processing system and an obtaining and positioning method for low-light image light spots. The invention is based on a CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) or CCD (charge coupled device) image device for obtaining a low-light image, and constructs the embedded image processing system taking an FPGA (field programmable gate array), a DSP (digital signal processor) and a DDR3 as main chips. In algorithm, a filtering algorithm combining a morphology filtering operator and a mid-value filtering operator are is adopted for filtering the image; and meanwhile, an overall image dynamic range adjuster aiming at the characteristics of the low-light image and an enhancer aiming at the contrast of local characteristics are designed. The light spot detecting and positioning method comprises the steps of sectioning the image firstly, performing fast detecting and primary positioning on the light spots by a region projection algorithm, and performing gray level fitting treatment on a locked detecting region to compute the sub-pixel-level position coordinate of a target. The image embedded processing system and the obtaining and positioning method for the low-light image light spots have the characteristics of strong real time performance and high accuracy, and are suitable for the detecting and positioning of the image target of a low-light image device.

Combined motor pair trawling test table and installation method thereof

The invention relates to a combined motor pair trawling test table and an installation method thereof. The combined motor pair trawling test table comprises a first work table, a second work table, a load motor, a tested motor, a first shaft coupler, a second shaft coupler and a torque sensor, wherein the first work table and the second work table are connected through a connecting plate; guide rails are arranged on the work tables; slide blocks are arranged on the guide rails; installing bottom plates are fixed on the slide blocks; the load motor and the tested motor are fixed on the installing bottom plates; installing holes with different sizes and gaps are formed in each installing bottom plate; the slide blocks are driven by lead screw mechanisms and are braked by guide rail clamping devices; the torque sensor is arranged on a support seat; the bottom of each work table is provided with a bottom foot capable of performing height regulation. The installing method comprises the following steps of installing the work tables; adjusting the flatness and the straightness of the test table; installing the motor, the shaft coupler, the torque sensor, and performing fine adjustment to realize axial line centering. The combined motor pair trawling test table and the installation method have the advantages that light weight and convenience are realized; the moving is easy; the motor centering operation is convenient; the centering precision is easy to control; the motor installation is convenient; the test requirements of motors in different machine types are met.
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