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System and method for instant hydrogen production and power generation

The invention discloses a system and a method for instant hydrogen production and power generation. The system comprises a hydrogen production subsystem, an air pressure adjusting subsystem and a power generation subsystem, wherein the hydrogen production subsystem is used for preparing hydrogen from methanol water and transmitting the prepared hydrogen to the power generation subsystem in real time through a transmission pipeline; the transmission pipeline is provided with the air pressure adjusting subsystem for adjusting air pressure inside the transmission pipeline; the power generation subsystem is used for generating power by virtue of hydrogen prepared by the hydrogen production subsystem; the air pressure adjusting subsystem comprises a microprocessor, an air pressure sensor, a valve controller and an air outlet valve; the air pressure sensor is arranged in the transmission pipeline, and is used for sensing data of the air pressure inside the transmission pipeline and sending the data of the air pressure to the microprocessor; the microprocessor is used for controlling the on and off of the air outlet valve according to the data of the air pressure sensed by the air pressure sensor. Power can be generated by instantly prepared hydrogen, a hydrogen buffer tank is not required, and thus the portability and mobility of the hydrogen production and power generation system can be improved.

System and method for automatically processing dynamic business rules in a content management system

ActiveUS20070094199A1Development and maintenance cost is substantially reducedAccelerates business rule update cycleOffice automationKnowledge representationBusiness ruleBusiness logic
A business rule processing system automatically processes dynamic business rules in a content management system, allowing frequent updates to the business rules. The updates can be automatically adapted by the system without restarting the content management system. The system utilizes a stand-alone rule engine. Business logic is encoded as business rule definition files using a platform-independent language; the business rule definition files are stored in a central business rule repository. The business rules are managed and executed by the rules engine; the rules engine provides business rule processing services to other parts of the content management system. The system reduces development and maintenance cost, accelerates the business rule update cycle, and simplifies administration efforts.

Wearable dialysis methods and devices

The present invention provides a portable continuous dialysis system configured as a wearable belt in fluid communication with a separate portable unit in the form of an easy to carry bag-pack or case, or a fanny pack wearable around the shoulder. In one embodiment, the wearable belt unit comprises a dialyzer and a pump, such as a dual pulsatile pump, while the portable unit comprises a dialysate regeneration system and a waste collection bag. In another embodiment, the wearable belt unit comprises a manifold for blood circuit, while the portable unit comprises a manifold for dialysate circuit. The placement of components can be varied between the portable unit and the wearable belt unit, depending upon factors such as comparative weight and size of the belt and portable units, the ease of operation of the dialysis system by the patient, the overall length of the tubing system and the safety of operation of the overall system.

Removable tip for laser device with transparent lens

InactiveUS20050010198A1Eliminate undesired damageEliminate unnecessary damageElectric tinnitus maskersSurgical needlesStratum corneumStress gradient
The present invention provides an improved method of removing fluids, gases or other biomolecules, or delivering a pharmaceutical composition, through the skin of a patient without the use of a sharp or needle. The method includes the step of irradiating the stratum corneum, an applied pharmaceutical or an absorbing material, using a laser. By selection of parameters, the laser irradiates the selected material or tissue to create pressure gradients, plasma, cavitation bubbles, or other forms of tissue ablation or alteration. These methods increase the diffusion of pharmaceuticals into, or fluids, gases or other biomolecules out of, the body. For this invention, a pharmaceutical composition can be applied to the skin before or after laser irradiation.

Communications device with extendable screen

Described herein are apparatuses and mechanisms for providing an extendable screen in a portable communications device. A portable communications device may be provided with a multi-part screen, a portion of which may be extended to provide an expanded viewing display surface or may be retracted to provide a reduced viewing mode and increased portability. In a reduced viewing mode, a graphical display may be provided on a first, visible portion of a multi-part display screen, where one or more other screen portions are retracted and / or obscured from view in order to provide a portable mode for the communications device. In an extended viewing mode, the one or more other screen portions may be extended and / or brought into the same plane as a first portion of the multi-part display in order to provide increased display size and resolution.

Cross-platform extendible satellite dynamic simulation test system

The invention discloses a cross-platform extendible satellite dynamic simulation test system, which comprises a satellite attitude control system simulator, a flight environment and motion simulator, a satellite basic subsystem simulator and an operation monitoring and management system simulator. The satellite attitude control system simulator comprises a sensor simulator, a controller simulatorand an actuating mechanism simulator; the flight environment and motion simulator comprises an orbit and attitude dynamics resolver, a celestial body simulator, a kinematics and dynamics turntable, akinematics and dynamics translation platform, a hot vacuum and electromagnetic environment simulator and the like; and the satellite basic subsystem simulator comprises a power supply subsystem simulator and a remote measuring and remote control subsystem simulator. The operation monitoring and management system simulates functions of a satellite ground measurement and control center, such as remote measuring data decoding, remote control command generating, data archiving and analyzing and operation managing. The cross-platform extendible satellite dynamic simulation test system has strong extendibility, can be conveniently transplanted on a development and debugging platform, a distributed real-time simulation platform and an embedded semi-physical real-time simulation platform.
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