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Advertising with video ad creatives

The serving of advertisements with (e.g., on) video documents may be improved in a number of ways. For example, a system may (a) accept information defining at least one ad spot associated with at least one instance of an video document, (b) accept offers to have advertisements served in the ad spot(s), and (c) arbitrate among competing advertisements, using at least the offers, to determine at least one advertisement to be served in that ad spot(s). As another example, a system may (a) accept relevance information for an advertisement, (b) determine at least one video document using the accepted relevance information, (c) present information about the video document(s) to an advertiser associated with the advertisement, and (d) accept, from the advertiser, an offer to have its advertisement served with at least one of the video document(s) accepted. As yet another example, a system may (a) accept relevance information for an video document, (b) determine a plurality of advertisements relevant to the video document using the relevance information and serving constraints of the advertisements, and (c) select at least one of the determined relevant advertisements to be served with the video document. Examples of video documents include video files published on the Internet, television programs, live or recorded talk shows, video-voice mail, segments of an video conversation, etc.

Method, system, and apparatus for managing, monitoring, auditing, cataloging, scoring, and improving vulnerability assessment tests, as well as automating retesting efforts and elements of tests

A scalable method, system, and apparatus for non-intrusively auditing and improving security assessments includes capturing, storing, presenting, displaying, inspecting, monitoring, and analyzing data flow in client-server security assessments and/or network/infrastructure security assessments. The invention provides interested parties with a mechanism to non-intrusively audit in real-time the vulnerability test effort, as well as review, replay, and analyze all aspects of the security assessment during and after the test. For web application assessments, the data capture includes one of the following or some combination: an intermediary with all data passing through the intermediary; a sniffer that can passively extract all data being communicated between the application and tester; and a plurality of computing modules (e.g., software, appliances, etc.) installed in the tester environment or within the application system environment (e.g., software installed on the tester's computer, or on the computer where the intermediary is running, or software installed on the application systems proxy or web server, or an appliance in either environment) for storing, processing, analyzing, reporting, and displaying the data.
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