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Intelligent safety monitoring system and method based on multilevel filtering face recognition

The invention discloses a method based on multilevel filtering face recognition. The method comprises the following steps of: collecting a face image of a detected man through an image collection system on a user terminal; automatically detecting and partitioning an exact position of a face from the collected face image by a face detection and positioning system, and performing intelligent indication and image quality real-time monitoring on a face image collection process through an automatic and real-time face image quality detection system; extracting characteristic points from the face image of the user terminal according to an image quality detection threshold value, and generating corresponding target face templates; and performing real-time comparison on a face to be recognized which is detected by a client and a known face database based on a multilevel filter searching algorithm through a background server, finding out the face template having the highest matching score, judging according to a preset threshold value of the system and determining identity information of the shot man in real time. The invention also provides an intelligent identity recognition and safety monitoring system based on a multilevel face filtering and searching technology with high reliability and flexibility.
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