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Automated Content Tag Processing for Mobile Media

InactiveUS20080195664A1Facilitating access to contentOptimization of content deliveryAdvertisementsDigital data processing detailsMobile deviceMobile media
In embodiments, the present invention provides a method and system for delivery of content on a mobile media platform, providing an automated tag processing facility, and delivering content to a mobile device, wherein content delivery is based at least in part on the automated tag processing.

Streaming content over a telephone interface

A method and apparatus for providing streaming content over telephones is described. The creation of a voice portal is supported by the invention. Embodiments of the invention use allows users to place a telephone call to access the voice portal. The user can access many different types of content. This content can include text based content which is read to the user by a text to speech system (e.g., news reports, stock prices, text content of Internet sites), audio content which can be played to the user (e.g., voicemail messages, music), and streaming audio content (e.g., Internet broadcast radio shows, streaming news reports, and streaming live broadcasts). This content can be accessed from many different places. For example, the content can be retrieved from a news feed, a local streaming content server, an audio repository, and / or an Internet based streaming content server. The streaming content allows the user to access live web broadcasts even though the user may not have access to a computer. The system allows audio signals from multiple sources to be combined to enhance the user experience. Additionally, the user can control many aspects of the delivery of the streaming content. Personalization features of the voice portal allow for an improved user experience during streaming content delivery.

Method and apparatus for sending, retrieving and planning location relevant information

The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for sending and retrieving location relevant information to a user by selecting and designating a point of interest that is displayed on a graphical user interface and sending the location information associated with that point of interest to a receiver that is also selected using the graphical user interface. The location relevant information may also include mapped routes, waypoints, geo-fenced areas, moving vehicles etc. Updated location relevant information may also be continuously sent to the user while generating updated mapping information on the graphical user interface. The present invention may be practiced by using communication devices such as a personal computer, a personal digital assistance, in-vehicle navigation systems, or a mobile telephone.

Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for configuring frequency aggregation

An apparatus for determining whether to deactivate a secondary cell includes a processor and memory storing executable computer program code that cause the apparatus to at least perform operations including determining that a secondary cell should be deactivated based on a measurement(s) of the secondary cell or received information associated with frequency spectrum of the secondary cell. The computer program code may cause the apparatus to generate a deactivation message responsive to the measurement(s) indicating secondary cell interference or the received information indicating that the apparatus should no longer use the frequency spectrum. The computer program code may cause the apparatus to provide the deactivation message to a network device. Corresponding methods and computer program products are also provided.

Wireless charging of clothing and smart fabrics

The present disclosure may provide various electric receiver arrangements included in clothing pieces that require electric current to perform tasks, such as warming, cooling and displaying. Suitable wireless power transmission techniques, like pocket forming, may be used to provide the clothing pieces with wireless power. In some embodiments, receivers may include at least one antenna connected to at least one rectifier and one power converter. In other embodiments, receivers including a plurality of antennas, a plurality of rectifiers or a plurality of power converters may be provided. In addition, receivers may include communications components which may allow for communication to various electronic equipment including transmitters.

System and method for management of a shared frequency band using client-specific management techniques

A system and method are provided for managing communication with a plurality of wireless client devices operating in a radio frequency band shared by other types of devices, comprising a step of controlling at least one parameter associated with radio communication with each of the plurality of wireless devices based on the radio frequency environment associated with each corresponding one of the plurality of wireless client devices. Spectrum profile information describing the radio frequency environment (activity in the frequency band) at a wireless client device is sent to the wireless base station device (where the parameter controls are made) from either a wireless client device or another radio device in the proximity of one or more wireless client devices that is capable of generating the spectrum profile information. The spectrum profile information may include information identifying signals that are occurring in the frequency band in the proximity of a wireless client device. Examples of parameters that may be controlled at the wireless base station device include packet fragmentation threshold (the length of a data packet), transmission data rate and transmission scheduling (synchronizing a transmission to quiescent intervals of one or more periodic interfering signals).

Method and Apparatus for Processing Video Stream in a Digital Video Broadcasting System

A novel method and system for enhancing user experience when switching channel in digital video broadcasting system is proposed. The invention proposes a server-based cache mechanism which caches all channels simultaneously in a cache server near from the video playing terminal. The channel switch latency could be heavily reduced since the initial part of the current GOP of any channel could be retrieved from the cache server, therefore the user experience is improved greatly.

Low energy wireless proximity pairing

ActiveUS20140378056A1Power be lowerDegree of security and/or privacyPower managementTransmission systemsReal-time computingBluetooth
A method of pairing devices includes causing a Bluetooth-enabled host device and a Bluetooth-enabled peripheral device to be located proximate to each other, the Bluetooth-enabled host device comprising at least a processor, a memory and an antenna, in the Bluetooth-enabled host device, detecting advertising packets broadcast by the Bluetooth-enabled peripheral device on one or more of a plurality of advertising channels, saving a numeric indicator of each of multiple detected advertising packets, determining an average numeric indicator from the saved numeric indicators of each of the separately detected advertising packets, if the average numeric indicator exceeds a proximity threshold, determining whether a set of conditions are met, and initiating a Bluetooth device pairing sequence between the Bluetooth-enabled host device and the Bluetooth-enabled peripheral device if the set of conditions are met.
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