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System and method for performance acceleration, data protection, disaster recovery and on-demand scaling of computer applications

A method for improving the performance and availability of a distributed application includes providing a distributed application configured to run on one or more origin server nodes located at an origin site. Next, providing a networked computing environment comprising one or more server nodes. The origin site and the computing environment are connected via a network. Next, providing replication means configured to replicate the distributed application and replicating the distributed application via the replication means thereby generating one or more replicas of the distributed application. Next, providing node management means configured to control any of the server nodes and then deploying the replicas of the distributed application to one or more server nodes of the computing environment via the node management means. Next, providing traffic management means configured to direct client requests to any of the server nodes and then directing client requests targeted to access the distributed application to optimal server nodes running the distributed application via the traffic management means. The optimal server nodes are selected among the origin server nodes and the computing environment server nodes based on certain metrics.

Enterprise management system

A Managed Site (10), a logical network entity, is composed of a number of Sub Sites (20) in a one to many relationship. A Sub Site (20) is a logical component, which is composed of a number of Engines (30). Nodes (40) similarly relates to their Engine (30) in a many to one relationship. A Node (40) is a collection of Managed Elements (ME's) (50) (while being an ME (50) itself), which represent network state information. The subsite (20) consists of the engine (30) connected to server nodes (40). One or more clients (110) are connected to the management engine (30) and access management engine (30) information relating to managed elements (50) including nodes (40). The connected manager engines may communicate with one another so that, for example, in the event of a failure, one of the manager engines remaining on line commences monitoring of manage elements assigned to the failed manager engine. Upon accessing the manager engine (30), the client interface displays relationships among managed elements (50) using meaningful connectors and tree-like structures. In addition to basic managed element state monitoring functionality, the manager engine (30) provides a variety of automated tasks ensuring the health of the network and optimal failure correction in the event of a problem. For example, the manager engine (30) performs root cause analysis utilizing an algorithm tracing through manged element (50) relationships and indicating the source of the failure.

Thin film write head with interlaced coil winding and method of fabrication

The preferred embodiment of the present invention provides a write head having an interlaced conductor coil winding and method of fabrication. The interlaced winding of the present invention may have alternating turns of a first and a second coil. In the preferred embodiment, the side walls of successive coil turns are separated by an ultra thin inorganic insulation which defines the distance between successive turns of the first and second coil. In one method of fabrication, a conductive seed layer is deposited on a generally planar insulative surface, a resist mask is formed on the seed layer, and a conductive material deposited on the exposed seed layer to form the turns of the first coil. The masked portions of the seed layer are removed, after resist mask removal, to electrically isolate the turns of the first coil. The inorganic insulation may be formed in a layer conformal with the first coil. The second coil is formed between the turns of the first coil. A seed layer and mask may be used to facilitate second coil deposition. Etching, or planarization, may be used to electrically isolate the turns of the second coil. A capping layer may be formed over any exposed conductor material to insulate the winding from an upper pole structure or other overlying structure. Embodiments of the present invention may have multiple layers of conductor winding having some conventional, or all interlaced coil structure.

Data access, replication or communication system comprising a distributed software application

The present invention envisages a data access, replication or communications system comprising a software application that is distributed across a terminal-side component running on a terminal and a server-side component; in which the terminal-side component and the server-side component (i) together constitute a client to a server and (ii) collaborate by sending messages using a message queuing system over a network Hence, we split (i.e. distribute) the functionality of an application that serves as the client in a client-server configuration into component parts that run on two or more physical devices that commuunicate with each other over a network connection using a message queuing system, such as message oriented middleware. The component parts collectively act as a client in a larger client-server arrangement, with the server being, for example, a mail server. We call this a ‘Distributed Client’ model. A core advantage of the Distributed Client model is that it allows a terminal, such as mobile device with limited processing capacity, power, and connectivity, to enjoy the functionality of full-featured client access to a server environment using minimum resources on the mobile device by distributing some of the functionality normally associated with the client onto the server side, which is not so resource constrained.
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