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Byzantine-fault-tolerant consensus method applied to block chain

The invention discloses a byzantine-fault-tolerant consensus method applied to a block chain. The method comprises the steps of specifying a certain number of right and interest accounts and initial consensus accounts in an initiated block of the block chain; after a consensus process is started, for the height h of a current block, selecting a consensus account to initiate a proposal of a new block according to a fixed random algorithm in a consensus account list; receiving the proposal and voting a block with the height of h by other consensus nodes; within a period of time, if the number of votes exceeds eta 1, representing that a consensus is formed, and starting the consensus of a block with the height of h+1 in the next round; if the number of votes does not exceed eta 1 but exceeds eta 2, representing that the consensus is possibly formed, broadcasting a voting request of the block in the previous round, and continuing to wait for a period of time; and if the number of votes does not exceed eta 2, cancelling the proposal in the round and re-performing the proposal of the new block. Therefore, computing resources can be saved; a large amount of blocks can be continuously generated; and computing power competition is avoided.
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