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Fault tolerance is the property that enables a system to continue operating properly in the event of the failure of (or one or more faults within) some of its components. If its operating quality decreases at all, the decrease is proportional to the severity of the failure, as compared to a naively designed system, in which even a small failure can cause total breakdown. Fault tolerance is particularly sought after in high-availability or life-critical systems. The ability of maintaining functionality when portions of a system break down is referred to as graceful degradation.

Fault-tolerance and fault-containment models for zoning clustered application silos into continuous availability and high availability zones in clustered systems during recovery and maintenance

InactiveUS20070006015A1No impact on transaction processingSmall sizeError detection/correctionTransmissionFault toleranceIslanding
A cluster recovery and maintenance system, method and computer program product for use in a server cluster having plural nodes implementing a server tier in a client-server computing architecture. A first group of N active nodes each run a software stack comprising a cluster management tier and a cluster application tier that actively provides services on behalf of one or more client applications running in a client application tier on the clients. A second group of M spare nodes each run a software stack comprising a cluster management tier and a cluster application tier that does not actively provide services on behalf of client applications. First and second zones in the cluster are determined in response to an active node membership change involving one or more active nodes departing from or being added to the first group as a result of an active node failing or becoming unreachable or as a result of a maintenance operation involving an active node. The first zone is a fault tolerant zone comprising all active nodes that remain operational. The second zone is a fault containment zone comprising all active nodes participating in the membership change and at least a corresponding number of spare nodes to the extent that the membership change involves a node departure. During recovery and maintenance, fast recovery/maintenance and high application availability are implemented in the fault containment zone, while continuous application availability is maintained in the fault tolerant zone.

Navigating and steady aiming method of navigation / steady aiming integrated system

The invention relates to a navigating and stabilized sighting method of a navigation/stabilized sight all-in-one system, belonging to the inertial guidance field. The navigating method realizes stance and positioning on a load by an inertial measuring unit which is arranged on an electro-optical stabilized sighting platform. The method comprises the steps as follows: collecting the signal of the inertial measuring unit; fast and accurately initial aligning below the stabilized sighting platform; an inertial navigation algorithm based on vehicle-bone stabilized sighting platform; resolving heading attitude and analyzing the error thereof; analyzing the error of an inertial guidance system and an inertial part, modeling and compensating; and inertial guidance/milemeter/GPS multi-information fault-tolerance combined navigation. The navigation method overcomes the defects in the prior art that stabilized sighting and the navigation system can not work simultaneously and the all-in-one system can not provide full navigation information, can provide real-time, accurate and complete navigation heading attitude information and navigation positioning information for carriers (like a chariot), and can improve the battlefield viability and the comprehensive hosting ability.
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