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Generating, recording, simulating, displaying and sharing user related real world activities, actions, events, participations, transactions, status, experience, expressions, scenes, sharing, interactions with entities and associated plurality types of data in virtual world

Systems and methods for virtual world simulations of the real-world or emulate real-life or real-life activities in virtual world or real life simulator or generating a virtual world based on real environment: host, at a server, a virtual world geography or environment that correspondences the real world geography or environment as a result, as the user continuously moves about or navigates in a range of coordinates in the real world, the user also continuously moves about in a range of coordinates in the real world map or virtual world; generate and access, by the server, a first avatar or representation, that is associated with a first user or entity in the virtual world; monitor, track and store, by the server, plurality types of data associated with user's real life or real life activities, actions, transactions, participated or participating events, current or past locations, checked-in places, participations, expressions, reactions, relations, connections, status, behaviours, sharing, communications, collaborations, interactions with various types of entities in the real world; receive, by the server, first data associated with a mobile device of the first user related to the first activity from the first geo-location co-ordinates or place; determine, by the server, one or more real world activities of the first user based on the first data; generate, record, simulate and update, by the server, virtual world based on said stored data, wherein updating a first avatar, that is associated with the first user or entity, in the virtual world; causing, by the server, a first avatar associated with the first user or entity, to engage in one or more virtual activities in the virtual world, that are at least one of the same as or sufficiently similar to or substantially similar to the determined one or more real world activities, by generating, recording, simulating, updating and displaying, by a simulation engine, simulation or a graphic user interface that presents a user a simulation of said real-life activities; and display in the virtual world, by the server, said real world activity or interacted entity or location or place or GPS co-ordinates related or associated or one or more types of user generated or provided or shared or identified contextual one or more types of contents, media, data and metadata from one or more sources including server, providers, contacts of user and users of network and external sources, databases, servers, networks, devices, websites and applications, wherein virtual world geography correspondences the real world geography. In an embodiment receiving from a user, a privacy settings, instructing to limit viewing of or sharing of said generated simulation of user's real world life or user's real world life activities to selected one or more contacts, followers, all or one or more criteria or filters specific users of network or make it as private.

Methods and apparatus for restricting access of a user using random partial biometrics

A biometrics security method and apparatus are disclosed that restrict the ability of a user to access a device or facility using a portion of biometric data to validate the user's identity. Upon a user request to access a secure device or facility, the central biometric security system initially sends a first request for a specific sample of a portion of the user's biometric information. The specific sample may be identified, for example, using a set of image coordinates. A second request is also sent to retrieve the biometric prototype from a database of registered users. The central biometric security system then compares the user biometrics portion with the corresponding biometrics prototype portions. The user receives access to the requested device if the user biometrics portion(s) matches the corresponding biometrics prototype portions. In one variation, the biometric security system transmits a security agent to the user's computing device upon a user request to access a remote device. The security agent serves to extract user biometric portions in accordance with the sampling request from the central biometric security system. In another variation, a local recognition is performed before a remote recognition to reduce the risk of a failed server side recognition due to a poor biometrics feature.

System and method for remote self-enrollment in biometric databases

A method and system is provided to provide enrollment of biometric data from individuals without the need for the enrollees to travel to a central location. The system and method provides for optionally detecting multiple types of biometric data, for example, fingerprints, facial scan, visual scan, iris scan, voice scan, or the like, to be captured at the point of enrollee use. During the biometric capture process, the biometric enrollment device monitors and establishes the identity of the enrollee and measures the quality of the biometric input as it occurs. If unacceptable quality is detected, then repeated biometric scans may be necessary, but is done at time of enrollment avoiding any need to send inaccurate information back to a service institution. When the enrollment process completes, the biometric data is encrypted, time stamped and either mailed back to the service institution or is transmitted back. The biometric device may remain with the user for subsequent use as an identification sensor which may authenticate a user with stored biometric information to authenticate a user's identity for a transaction or a request to access a service or equipment. The biometric enrollment device may also be embodied with another piece of equipment to authenticate use of that equipment.
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