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Computing system - a system of one or more computers and associated software with common storage. ADP system, ADPS, automatic data processing system, computer system. backup system - a computer system for making backups.

System and method for on-the-fly migration of server from backup

A system, method and computer program product for migrating a server include creating an image of a storage device of a first server; during execution of a boot loader on a second server, starting an initialization application that at least partially restores, to a storage device of the second server, operating system data from the image; analyzing a hardware configuration of the second server; modifying at least one driver of an operating system based on the analyzed hardware to enable the operating system of the second server to interface to the storage device of the second server; rebooting the second server using the at least partially restored operating system data; and restoring unaltered portions of remaining data from the image. The second server identification and/or authentication data stored on the image is updated before the rebooting. Identification data of the second server is at least partially replaced with corresponding data stored on the image. The image is unchanged until completion of the restoring step. The restoring is performed over a network. The image is created on the computing system connected to the server over a network. More than one storage device is restored from the image. The restoration step uses an incremental image of the storage device. A boot loader is started in case of failure of the first server.
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