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A scripting or script language is a programming language for a special run-time environment that automates the execution of tasks; the tasks could alternatively be executed one-by-one by a human operator. Scripting languages are often interpreted (rather than compiled).

Code node for a graphical programming system which invokes execution of textual code

A system and method for creating a graphical program, wherein the graphical program is operable to invoke execution of textual code. The user selects a code node for inclusion in the graphical program, wherein the code node is displayed on the screen. The user then selects or enters textual code that is comprised in or displayed in the code node. The textual code may be code from a text-based language, such as Perl, Mathematica, or Java, etc., or may be a script from a scripting language. The user may manually enter the textual code into the code node, or import the textual code from a file. The textual code comprised in the code node is user viewable and editable. During execution of the graphical program, the code node is operable to invoke execution of the textual code comprised in the code node. The textual code is preferably executed by an instance of a server program. During execution of the graphical program, the graphical programming system provides the textual code to the server program, as well as any input data received by the code node. The server program then executes the textual code, using any input data received by the code node, and produces an output which is provided back to the graphical program. The present invention thus enables a user of a graphical programming system to more easily incorporate, view, edit and debug textual based code from within the graphical programming system.

Electronic document delivery system employing distributed document object model (DOM) based transcoding and providing interactive javascript support

Several different embodiments of an electronic document delivery system are described including a client machine (e.g., a palmtop / handheld computer or wireless communication device) coupled to a transcoder proxy. One embodiment of the system allows a client machine with limited resources to support JAVASCRIPT. The transcoder proxy receives an electronic document in a first digital format (e.g., HTML or XML). A JAVASCRIPT event may be associated with an element of the document including JAVASCRIPT code executed in response to the JAVASCRIPT event. The transcoder proxy assigns a unique identifier to the element, and forms a model of a logical structure of the document (e.g., a document object model or DOM). The transcoder proxy uses the model to produce an “original” script including a portion of the document expressed in a second digital format (e.g., a scripting language), and provides the original script to the client machine. The client machine uses the original script to display / present the document portion. The client machine associates the JAVASCRIPT event with the element identifier, generates the JAVASCRIPT event in response to user input, and provides JAVASCRIPT event information and the associated identifier to the transcoder proxy. The transcoder proxy accesses the element within the model using the identifier, executes the JAVASCRIPT code producing a result, uses the model and the result to produce a “modification” script, and provides the modification script to the client machine. The client machine uses the modification script to modify the displayed / presented portion of the document.

Application deployment method and system based on cloud computing platform

The invention relates to an application deployment method and system based on a cloud computing platform. The method comprises the following steps that a configuration file corresponding to an application needing to be deployed is generated, wherein the configuration file comprises a source code address, a scripting language and an operating environment of the application; a source code of the application is downloaded from a source code repository through the cloud computing platform according to the source code address, and a needed compiling kit is downloaded from the source code repository according to the scripting language and the operating environment; an application container is established, the source code and the compiling kit are complied in the application container, so that compiling codes are obtained, and the application is deployed according to the compiling codes. According to the method and system, the configuration file corresponding to the application needing to be deployed is generated, the needed source code and the compiling kit are downloaded according to the source code address, the scripting language and the operating environment of the application, and the application is deployed. The deploying process is simple and convenient, and efficiency is high.

Electric ARC welder and controller to design the waveform therefor

An electric arc welder for creating a welding cycle with a real time current waveform constituting several control parameters by a microprocessor that controls a power supply by a signal so the output of the power supply traces a desired waveform and dynamic reaction behavior to arc conditions defined by the control parameters. The welder has a controller for creating the signal and reading the parameters, a graphic user interface program controlled by input from a graphic user interface computer, a system with a first interface for an interactive display for displaying the desired waveform and dynamic behavior and at least one manipulative control parameter, a second interface for a manual data entry device to change the waveform and/or the parameters and a digital communication link from the graphic user interface to the welder microprocessor controller for causing the welder to perform the desired waveform by controlling the signal. A number of script language files each defining a given type of waveform logic and containing a user manipulative variable table of control parameters and graphical descriptive language to display a waveform to be implemented by the welder is used with an input stage for processing a selected one of the script files into graphic user interface components (readouts, charts, and/or panels) for operating the welder.
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