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Continuous aromatization and catalyst regeneration device and method thereof

ActiveCN101244969ANo temperature fluctuationsDoes not affect aromatization reactionMolecular sieve catalystsCatalyst regeneration/reactivationFluidized bedAromatization
The invention discloses and belongs to the chemical equipment field, which more particularly relates to a C1-C2 hydrocarbon or methanol aromatization and catalyst regeneration fluidized bed device (comprising an aromatization fluidized bed, a catalyst continuous regeneration fluidized bed, a pipeline used for catalyst transportation and a solid transportation device which are arranged between the two fluidized beds), and an aromatization catalyst which is suitable for the fluidized bed operations and the operation methods of aromatization reaction, catalyst regeneration and the device. The device, the catalyst and the method are used for regulating the coking status of the catalyst in an aromatization reactor at any time, thus achieving the aim of transforming the C1-C2 hydrocarbon or the methanol continuously and efficiently and generating aromatics with high selectivity. The C1-C2 hydrocarbon or methanol aromatization and catalyst regeneration fluidized bed device of the invention with adjustable catalyst activity and selectivity can improve the purity and yield of the aromatics, can lead the aromatization reactor operates continuously without stopping at the same time, can improve the strength of aromatics production, and lower the operation cost of the catalyst regeneration when stopping and restarting the whole system.

Method of and system for auditing the energy-usage of a facility

InactiveUS6968295B1Lower maintenance costImprove system efficiency and performanceThermometer detailsLevel controlWeather dataEnergy cost
A method of and system for auditing the energy-usage by a facility, where the facility includes an energy-using system having an operating parameter with a value. One embodiment of the method includes acquiring an initial value of the operating parameter, acquiring initial data of the energy-using system with the operating parameter set at the initial value, acquiring values relating to a weather parameter for the facility, and creating a baseline model of the energy-usage by the facility with the initial energy-using system data and the weather data. Some embodiments of the method can further include determining an initial rate of energy-usage by the facility based upon the baseline energy model, changing the initial value of the operating parameter, determining a modified rate of energy-usage by the facility, and calculating a savings in energy costs from changing the initial value of the operating parameter.

System and method for developing software applications using an extended XML-based framework

InactiveUS6845499B2Developing software applications have been substantially reduced or eliminatedShort development cycleSoftware designSpecific program execution arrangementsRequest - actionSoftware engineering
An XML-based framework (30) for developing software applications (12) includes a document manager (32) to manage activities relating to one or more XML-based data documents (34) associated with an application (12), each data document (34) modeling data associated with the application (12) and representing relationships between the data document (34) and one or more other data documents (34). The framework (30) includes a rules manager (36) to manage rules (38) specifying logic for handling notifications associated with XML-based action documents (34) received at the application (12), the notifications requesting actions involving data documents (34). The framework (30) also includes an operations manager (40) to manage the execution of transactions involving data documents (34) based on operations (42) defined for the application (12) during its development. The framework (30) provides a generic XML-based transaction engine, the application (12) being one of a plurality of distributed applications (12) each being an instance of the generic transaction engine. An electronic marketplace with a distributed transaction layer may include such a plurality of distributed applications (12), where the applications (12) interact with one another using the distributed transaction layer (14) to conduct electronic commerce within the marketplace.

Aqueous treatment apparatus utilizing precursor materials and ultrasonics to generate customized oxidation-reduction-reactant chemistry environments in electrochemical cells and/or similar devices

An electrochlorination and electrochemical system for the on-site generation and treatment of municipal water supplies and other reservoirs of water, by using a custom mixed oxidant and mixed reductant generating system for the enhanced destruction of water borne contaminants by creating custom oxidation-reduction-reactant chemistries with real time monitoring. A range of chemical precursors are provided that when acted upon in an electrochemical cell either create an enhanced oxidation, or reduction environment for the destruction or control of contaminants. Chemical agents that can be used to control standard water quality parameters such as total hardness, total alkalinity, pH, total dissolved solids, and the like are introduced via the chemical precursor injection subsystem infrequently or in real time based on sensor inputs and controller set points.

Intelligent digital audiovisual playback system

Payment-based audiovisual playback system characterized by comprising a microprocessor device associated with a payment device primarily including means for storing, inter alia, in digital format the visual and sound information to be used. The system is associated through interfaces with display means and sound playback means for providing a multimedia environment. The system is controlled by a multitask operating system including a tool and service library integrated into the storage means. The system, which is also associated through an interface with a telecommunications modem, is optionally connected to an audiovisual data distribution network by a telecommunications modem and telecommunications links, said telecommunications function also being controlled by said multitask operating system.

Wind farm

The invention relates to a wind-driven power-plant comprising a rotor (100) which is fitted with at least one rotor blade and which is connected directly or indirectly to a generator for power generation, further including an electrical assembly made up of different electrical sub-assemblies including electronic, electrical and / or electromechanical and / or sensor elements and / or electrotechnical safety elements, where, depending on their purposes, all elements / components of one or more electrical sub-assemblies or specific elements of the electrical sub-assembly are combined into one or more function modules that implement at least one function in relation to the generation of electric power, where a parallel module is associated with at least one function module, and the parallel module is able to implement the same or nearly the same function as the function module in normal operation.

Constant-temperature, constant-humidity and constant-cleanliness silent indoor air system

The invention provides a constant-temperature, constant-humidity and constant-cleanliness silent indoor air system, belongs to the field of indoor intelligent adjustment, and relates to multiple techniques including indoor air pressure control, indoor air purification, an indoor central dedusting system, supercharging and compensation functions for interlayers of double windows and double doors, an outdoor haze isolating system, an indoor air internal-circulation cleaning method, air heat exchange, air heating, refrigeration, dehumidification and the like. According to the constant-temperature, constant-humidity and constant-cleanliness silent indoor air system, the pressure of fresh air is made positive through the interlayers of the double doors and the double windows, the air pressure in the interlayers of the double doors and the double windows is made higher than outdoor air pressure, and outdoor air is prevented from invading indoor air; a small primary-efficiency, medium-efficiency and high-efficiency filtering system is used for filtration, various types of automatic adjustment and control including heating, refrigerating, dehumidifying and the like are conducted on air, pollutant dust generated indoors is removed through the central dedusting system, and the constant-temperature, constant-humidity and constant-cleanliness silent indoor air system is an omnidirectional intelligent air control system.

Computer implemented system and method for the generation of data access applications

A method and architecture is described that discovers software application metadata and generates data access applications based on the discovered software application metadata. The discovered metadata along with handcrafted metadata goes through a discovery process and is converted into common, generic abstract metadata objects. The abstract metadata objects then go through an instantiation process to be translated into concrete metadata objects that represent the unique configuration, context and terminology of the source software application. The concrete metadata objects can be generated into numerous forms for the purposes of data access and information sharing. The system also has upgrade protection.
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