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Electric arc welder for variable AC input

An electric arc welder with a variable AC voltage input of up to 600 VAC and a rectifier to provide a DC link, a driven high frequency boost stage with first and second leads connected to the DC link. The boost stage comprises an inductor, a first series output branch with a first primary winding connected to the first lead and a first capacitor connected to the second lead, a second series output branch with a second primary winding connected to the second lead and a second capacitor connected to the first lead and a high frequency operated switch between the leads and having an opened condition charging said capacitors by current through the primary windings in a first direction and discharging the inductor and a closed condition charging the inductor through the primary windings by current in a second direction and discharging the inductor to charge the capacitors. The switch is operated by a power factor control circuit at a frequency greater than about 18 kHz. The boost stage has an AC output stage comprising the secondary winding network of a transformer powered by current flow in the first and second primary windings. An output rectifier converts said AC output to a first DC voltage. At the final portion of the welder an output converter converts the first DC voltage to a second DC voltage connected across the arc of a welding station and having a controlled weld current or voltage.
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