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Convective cushion with positive coefficient of resistance heating mode

InactiveUS20060137099A1Minimize air flowConvenient wireless communicationVehicle seatsStuffed mattressesRemote controlEngineering
A cushion that is heated convectively using a positive coefficient of resistance type resistive heating element that is provided with heat exchanging surfaces, includes a mattress pad, seat or the like with a bottom surface secured around its perimeter to an air permeable top surface, forming a plenum and containing tubular spacer material therein. The plenum is connected to a power unit housing a blower, a heating module and a controller unit. The heating module preferably includes a PTC type heating element in conduction with a base plate and a number of heat exchanger fins. Preferably the heating element is sandwiched between a pair of the base plates and the heat exchanger fins, and there is a seal between the base plates to minimize air flow from the blower from passing there between. A remote control for the user's convenience may be provided, and a foldable antenna attachable to the convective unit facilitates wireless communication between the remote control and controller unit. The user resting atop the cushion is able to control the blower and heating module to deliver air of a desired temperature and quantity to the cushion and through the top surface. The invention advantageously replaces the current carrying, conductive wires and insulation found inside prior art heated mattresses, enhancing safety and performance while at the same time offering a cooled or ventilated capability.

Long-distance automatic displacement and density automatic control system

PendingCN107605427ARealize remote automatic centralized controlRealize the centralized control of the whole processClosed circuit television systemsPump controlAutomatic controlControl system
The invention belongs to the field of oil equipment, and particularly relates to full-automatic intelligent remote-control cementing equipment. A long-distance automatic displacement and density automatic control system being used for the cementing equipment is characterized in that the long-distance automatic displacement and density automatic control system at least comprises a power unit and acontrol unit. The power unit comprises an engine, a gearbox and a plunger pump, and the control unit comprises a device operation screen, a device PLC processor, a remote-control operation screen, a remote-control PLC processor and an Anybus module. Operating personnel write in a set displacement set value or a set density value on the remote-control operation screen or the device operation screen, after the device PLC processor reads the set displacement information, a set gear needed by the current set displacement and the accelerator position are calculated through program internal calculation, so that the rotating speed of the engine and the gears of the gearbox are controlled, finally the long-distance automatic displacement and density automatic control system is used for controllingthe input rotating speed of the plunger pump, and the purpose of controlling the discharging displacement of the plunger pump is achieved.
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