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False activation reducing centrifugal activation system

The present invention is directed to a false activation reducing centrifugal activation system. The system is an activation system that may be used to activate a wide variety of functionalities in a wide variety of devices. The functional elements to the system are a device housing, a power supply module, and one or more activation modules that are activated by a particular motion of the housing, such as when the device housing is able to at least partially spin or rotate about one or more axis' of rotation. The disclosed activation modules include a centrifugally activated electronic system that allows a device's functionality to be turned on or off by moving the device's housing in a particular fashion. In this way, a device equipped with the disclosed centrifugally activated electronic system does not need to have a manual ON/OFF switch or fragile mechanical switch. Instead, the disclosed system allows one or more of a device's functionalities to be activated (or de-activated) when the device's housing moves in the proper manner, while reducing unwanted activations that would be caused by slight and/or unintentional movement. Any sort of promotional product may be equipped with the disclosed false activation reducing centrifugal activation system, including, but not limited to, toys for children, pet toys, novelty devices, and corporate giveaways.
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