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Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette has two tubes that resemble a cigarette: an electronic inhaler and an electronic atomizer. The two tubes are connected through one or more electric connectors to form an electronic cigarette. Inside the inhaler is a rechargeable or non-rechargeable power source such as a battery, which supplies electric power to the electronic inhaler and atomizer and ensures that both work together like a cigarette. In addition to the power source, the inhaler also includes other major components: an electric airflow sensor to detect air movement generated by a user's inhaling or puffing act and a Single Chip Micyoco which controls the atomization process. The sensor's role is to collect an airflow signal that triggers the Single Chip Micyoco, which in turn instructs the electronic cigarette to supply electric power to the inhaler and atomizer connected through an electric connector. Inside the electronic atomizer are an electric connector, electric heating wire, liquid container, and atomizer cap with an air-puffing hole. The user inhales through the air-puffing hole at an end of the electronic cigarette to create an air inflow, which triggers the atomization process. The Single Chip Micyoco driven by a software program controls the electronic cigarette in an on/off manner according to the signal detected by the electric sensor on the airflow and completes a cycle of atomization, which converts a solution of a liquid form inside the liquid container to a gas form. This entire process achieves the emulated smoking process of a user, who is satisfied with scent taste that mimics cigarette smoking.

Touch sensitive apparatus and method for improved visual feedback

A touch sensitive apparatus and method of operation to improve visual feedback and visual perception of tactile input to an operator. The apparatus includes a touch screen device or display having a touch overlay, a processor and stored program instructions in a memory in which a three-dimensional graphical image, such as a key element, is created in the apparatus and shown on the display as an input device or keypad to the processor. Each key element includes a beveled surface surrounding a flat surface. When a displayed key element is touched by a probe, such as a finger, the screen area about the displayed key element and the finger, visually enlarges or "splats" confirming the selection of the particular key. Concomitantly or simultaneously, the key element detents or depresses within the key pad, changes color and bevel size further verifying the key selection to the operator thereby creating a sense of key movement and visual perception of tactile input to the operator aiding in the operation of the key pad. The simultaneous visual key enlargement, visual detenting and change in key color and bevel size upon key selection in a touch sensitive apparatus improves the feedback to the operator in the selection and confirmation of a key element actuated by the operator.

Apparatus and method for monitoring and adapting to environmental factors within a contact center

A quality monitoring system is implemented within a communications contact center. All electronic data associated with incoming and outgoing communications is monitored and can selectively be recorded. The recording of the communications data is controlled by a set of recording rules. Environmental data associated with the operation of the contact center is also stored. Periodically, and on demand by contact center personnel and others, the recorded communications data and the stored environmental data are analyzed. The recording rules that are actively controlling the recording of the communications data and the environmental data can be dynamically changed in real time, based on the analysis. The system can also display various results of the analysis on a contact center-wide display, on individual contact center agents' workstation screens, and on supervisors' workstation screens. These displays can be a congratulatory message to an agent who has exceeded predetermined goals, can warn of an excessively long wait queue for a class of incoming communications, and can provide contact center environmental information for assisting with evaluating the quality of service being provided by the contact center.
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