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Distributed collaborative multiple access method and system thereof

The invention relates to a distributed collaborative multiple access method and a system thereof, the method comprises the steps that: according to a stored and maintained collaboration list, a source node selects two candidate nodes used for collaboration, sets a priority level and then sends out a CRTS grouping, and the CRTS grouping comprises the addresses and the priority level of the two candidate nodes; a destination node receives the CRTS grouping, calculates the highest channel speed supported between a source node and the destination node, and sets the channel speed into a CCTS grouping for feedback to the source node; after the CRTS grouping and the CCTS grouping are monitored, whether the two candidate nodes meet the collaborative condition is met is judged, and the candidate node meeting the collaborative condition is taken as a collaborative node and sent into a RTH grouping according to the preset priority policy; and according to the RTH grouping, the source node sends a data grouping to the destination node. By selecting the two candidate nodes and setting the priority level, the invention not only effectively shortens the time in competitive stage, but also effectively avoids competitive conflict and saves the channel resource.

Technology for reclaiming hydrogen chloride tail gas in chemical production

The invention discloses technology for reclaiming hydrogen chloride tail gas in chemical production, which overcomes the defects of large transfer amount of absorbent between absorption towers, disadvantage of industrialized continuous production, poor effect of absorbing the hydrogen chloride tail gas, waste of time, energy and water resources, environment pollution, low byproduct gains and the like in the prior process for reclaiming the hydrogen chloride tail gas. The technology (attached drawing) achieves simple hydrogen chloride reclaiming process operation, low engineering manufacturingcost, little energy consumption, little industrial water, high hydrogen chloride reclaiming efficiency, high byproduct gains, environmental protection and advantage of industrialized continuous production by optimizing and combining exchange circulating technology in hydrogen chloride absorption sequence through a bubble absorption tower, technology for controlling the tower temperature to between10 and 30 DEG C according to the order of sequence, technology for matching and using dryer and deionized water and hydrogen chloride absorbent such as anhydrous ethanol, absolute alcohol and the like and series of technology for separating a neutralized product and a neutralizer such as volatile alkali ammonia water, pyridine and the like.
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