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Quality control (QC) is a process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in production. ISO 9000 defines quality control as "A part of quality management focused on fulfilling quality requirements".

Videophone system for scrutiny monitoring with computer control

In conjunction with the dial-up public telephone system, voice quality lines carry videophone signals for monitoring a multitude of locations from at least one central station for use in a variety of applications, such as for security, surveillance, quality control and inspection, regulation of food and/or other standards in food-related and other facilities, market research, remote monitoring of deposit and withdrawal of funds at bank vaults, grocery chains, convenience stores, and the like. At the central station, telephonic interface apparatus is actuated by a control unit to selectively accomplish a telephonic connection with a remote location. Displays include the scene at the remote location and related graphic data. During routine operation, remote locations are displayed in sequence to at least one operator. Such operation may be interrupted either from a remote location or central station in the event of an urgency. In such an event, the concerned scrutiny location is displayed for further communication involving status, camera selection, camera configuration, audio, video and so on. Incoming calls from scrutiny stations imply an urgent situation for immediate display. The called number, by dialed number identification system (DNIS) may indicate the status while the calling number identifies the location by automatic number identification (ANI) signals. Alternative signalling and code techniques afford flexible operation as with respect to various graphic and status indications available for displays.

Workflow management system and method

A computerized workflow management method and system to provide operational support for complex multi-step processes, having particular utility in supporting operations involving securitizations for which periodic valuation and distribution computations, disbursements and reporting must be set up and executed. The invention permits unification of manual operations and operations performed by legacy software, even if implemented with database structures different from the workflow management system, automated quality control, workflow status display and automatic updating of workflow status records. The method of workflow management involves creating an underlying database structure for recording the processing steps and other information required for each transaction, entering the necessary setup information by selection from lists of pre-stored information about processing functions, associated workflow events and milestones for the queues, mapping the data structures of the subsystem databases and the workflow management database to provide transparent interfacing and convenient manual entry of data were necessary, displaying for the user the workflow status of all transactions for which he or she is responsible, permitting menu driven initiation of required actions and automatically updating the database records for the universe of deals being managed by the system.

Method and system for computer aided manufacturing measurement analysis

The invention relates to a computer-based method and system to facilitate quality control for manufactured assemblies based on computer aided design (CAD) files. The instant invention mitigates the problems encountered with large CAD files by decomposing each of such files into a multi-file format. A large CAD file is thereby broken-down into smaller files that organize the information contained in the larger file. The organization is performed in such a way that the information pertinent to the measurement process is segregated into a different smaller file than the information not needed to calculate measurements. Thus, the computer running the computation accesses a smaller file containing a higher percentage of required information. Additionally, assisting the user in coordinating a match-up between the physical surfaces being measured and the proper associated CAD model version of that surface further increases the handling speed. In particular, the instant invention uses selection regions for each surface. A selection region consists of the representation of a three-dimensional rectangle region just large enough to enclose each individual surface. A selection region indexes each surface. Thus, when a measurement point is taken, a list of surface regions is automatically scanned in order to determine which region contains that point. The corresponding distance of that measurement point to the surface is then calculated.

Extensible bayesian network editor with inferencing capabilities

A system for the representation, editing, evaluation, and inference of graphical models is disclosed which can be used to construct and evaluate a graphical model or graphical network and to calculate inference values. An efficient method of updating graphical models is demonstrated, and provides the basis for an improved system for manipulation and evaluation of probabilistic models. The graphical network editor is useful in the construction of graphical modes such as Bayesian Networks. The graphical network and network graphical user interface (GUI) are used in conjunction with each other to model a system wherein failure probabilities and the current state of components are taken into account to monitor the health and progress of a system for an engineer or engineering software to evaluate and monitor. The evaluation is useful in the monitoring of assets and other real systems having multiple, dependent, and independently operating components such as a pump, a manufacturing plant, a production line, an assembly line, where asset health and quality control is a concern. The asset components each influencing some overall outcome of a system or situation. Success or failure or probability of success, probability of failure and health of the system can be monitored and manipulated by altering the values of prior probability and posterior probability values. Failure correlation between components can be evaluated wherein failure rates of asset is unknown. Production and quality can be monitored and altered.

System and method for eCatalog supplier portal

InactiveUS20050251409A1Significant competitive advantageSpecial data processing applicationsMarketingHand heldNetwork communication
A Supplier Portal is provided to allow a Supplier to self-author the business process elements (BPEs) of a business process (BP) to create, manage and publish rich-content for use in eCatalogs, Data Pools, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and other knowledge management situations. The resulting business process (BP) for content management incorporates the Supplier's business process (BP) model. At the business process (BP) level, self-authoring allows users to adapt business process elements (BPEs) such as workflows, approval rules and approver roles and permissions, event notification and metrics. At the activity level, self-authoring allows users to adapt business process elements (BPEs) such as user interaction templates, business process (BP) rules and user roles and permissions that relate to the input, configuration, rationalization, classification, value extraction, quality control, publication, and ongoing management of rich-content. The resulting published rich-content incorporates a supplier's unique way of doing business while adhering to the quality, integrity and consistency imposed by the Supplier Portal to achieve a seamless published rich-content such as an ecatalog. The Supplier Portal can be any and all of a hosted behind a firewall solution, accessible via a browser on at least one of a Personal Computer, hand held, or wireless/wired networked communication or standalone device.
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