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Text messaging, or texting, is the act of composing and sending electronic messages, typically consisting of alphabetic and numeric characters, between two or more users of mobile devices, desktops/laptops, or other type of compatible computer. Text messages may be sent over a cellular network, or may also be sent via an Internet connection.

Wireless data system

A system and method for enabling a user to request and receive product information, participate in voting or polling activities, reprint an article or other publication, request and authorize a purchase of a magazine subscription, music sound clip, or other product, and/or share personal information with other users. The service request and information delivery may provided over a mobile phone. The user dials a series of digits into their phone and enters them into the disclosed system, for example by pressing the send key on a mobile phone. The digits entered by the user include a prefix or routing code, and a data code. The dialed digits are transferred to a call switching system, which determines, based on the prefix code, a processing system to which a message is sent including the originally dialed digits as well as identification of the user or phone that placed the call. The processing system may then determine, based on the identification of the mobile phone that placed the call, a user account. The processing system further determines, based on the data code of the dialed digits, the product information or other service such as entry of a polling response, vote, or product purchase, that is to be provided. The user account information may then be used to determine a delivery technique, such as electronic mail using an electronic mail address associated with the phone that made the call, SMS/MMS/EMS Text messaging, or WAP push, through which the product information associated with the data code may be forwarded to the requesting user.

System for remotely inquiring and reserving parking spaces of parking lots

The invention discloses a system for remotely inquiring and reserving parking spaces of parking lots. The system consists of parking space sensors, concentrators, parking lot managing computers, a central processing computer, wired/wireless mobile communication networks, a parking space information receiving/transmitting device, a global positioning system (GPS) satellite navigation positioner, a city electronic traffic map, information processing management software, a parking-lot parking space database, a mobile phone payment system and a mobile phone short message platform. By the system, the parking lots nearby a destination and idle parking spaces in the parking lots can be inquired by vehicle owners in advance, vehicles can be driven to satisfying parking lots under the guiding action of a GPS navigation system, and satisfying idle parking spaces can be quickly and conveniently selected for parking the vehicles under the guiding action of a parking space distribution map, so that the phenomena of universally searching the parking lots aimlessly and universally searching the parking spaces in the parking lots aimlessly are prevented, and a large amount of time is saved and great convenience is provided for the vehicle owners. The vehicle owners can reserve the parking spaces in advance or eliminate the reservation.

Geographic position-based internet information aggregating, pushing and interacting method

The invention discloses a geographic position-based internet information aggregating, pushing and interacting method, which comprises the following steps of: acquiring position information or geographic information of a user who accesses the internet (including the mobile internet) by means of an asymmetrical digital subscriber loop (ADSL), cable televisions and a mobile network and the like by network positioning, wherein the position information, geographic information and user address information can be converted to form user geographic position information, an information application region and an information generation address; associating the information released by the user with the application region and the like and aggregating according to the geographic position and behavior characteristics; and showing the aggregated information according to the pre-set rules and actively pushing the aggregated information to the proper user, wherein the means of showing and pushing comprises webs, wireless application protocols (WAP), mobile phone messages, e-mails, micro-blogs, calls and the like, so the user can interact with the user or user cluster with the common hobbies on the basis of the aggregated information and the geographic information. The information aggregation mode provided by the invention can be applied to the occasions of information verification and direct selling of goods, services, hotels and the like.
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