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Rapid intelligent public transport stereo monitoring apparatus and working method thereof

The invention relates to a rapid and intelligent public transportation three-dimensional monitoring and controlling device and an operating method thereof, which belongs to the technical field of public transportation. The device comprises a monitoring and controlling dispatching center, a vehicle mobile monitoring and controlling terminal and a platform fixed monitoring and controlling terminal, wherein, the vehicle mobile monitoring and controlling terminal and the platform fixed monitoring and controlling terminal are connected with the monitoring and controlling dispatching center through an Internet and a WiMAX network. The method comprises the following steps: the vehicle mobile monitoring and controlling terminal and the platform fixed monitoring and controlling terminal are set, the video information inside the bus, the video information for the platform environment and the passengers on the platform as well as the relevant GPS information are gathered in a real-time manner and transmitted based on the WiMAX network, and the vehicle mobile monitoring and controlling terminal performs the interactive function of intelligent bus stop announcement and scheduling information at the same time. By using the realized three-dimensional monitoring and controlling and dispatching, not only the security of bus running and the intelligence of bus stop announcement can be enhanced, but also the real-time grasping of the control center to the number of the passengers can be improved, and the allocation of the rapid bus vehicles can be performed according to the passenger flow volume, and the scheme and the support method are provided for the automation, the safety running and the management of the rapid bus system.

Method for real-time vehicle oil quantity monitoring and oil consumption statistics through wireless network

The invention discloses a method for real-timely monitoring automobile fuel quantity and processing statistic on automobile fuel consumption via wireless network, comprising: using calibration method to obtain the corresponding relation between the fuel quantity of an automobile oil tank and the output value of a fuel level sensor; using an automobile terminal to obtain actual measured value via real-time data collection and data filter algorithm, to real-timely, accurately and reliably report prior fuel quantity to an automobile management center; based on the corresponding calibration relation between the fuel quantity of the oil tank and the output value of the fuel level sensor, using the management center to convert prior fuel quantity reported by the automobile terminal to actual fuel quantity, and display various application fuel quantity relative statistic reports according to the history data. The method has low cost, and automobile managers can real-timely and effectively monitor the real-time operation state and fuel consumption of automobiles, and find out the effect on fuel consumption via fuel consumption statistic, thereby realizing real-time management and effective distribution on the fuel consumption of automobiles.
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