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Automatic Processing. Automatic processing is sort of like muscle memory. When you start to do something that you have done many times, and you can complete it successfully without giving it any thought, that's automatic processing.

Individualized information processing method and system

The application of the invention provides an individualized information processing method and an individualized information processing system, and relates to the field of computer technology. The method includes the following steps: converting input voice information into natural language texts; performing semantic analysis for the natural language texts to obtain behavior information corresponding to a user; extracting key data from the natural language texts, and/or source data relevant to the natural language texts as per the behavior information; and generating a corresponding operating command as per the behavior information and the key data, and calling the operating command for execution. Through the adoption of the application, the user only needs to input the voice information, the follow-up semantic analysis and processing can be automatically completed, so that automatic processing of semantic data is realized; and with respect to the automatic identification of the voice information, the corresponding operating order can be automatically generated for processing of the input individualized information, so that personal information of different service classes can be stored and managed through a unified management site, and information of different service classes can be efficiently called.

Three-dimensional automatic feeding, discharging and detecting device

The invention discloses a three-dimensional automatic feeding discharging and detecting device which comprises a three-dimensional motion mechanism, a mechanical arm executing mechanism, a luminous automatic detection mechanism and a support, wherein the support is used for providing supporting for other parts, the thee-dimensional motion mechanism is used for realizing movements in X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis directions and driving the mechanical arm executing mechanism to arrive at each designated spot in an envelope space, the mechanical arm executing mechanism is used for regulating the snatching posture of the mechanical arm executing mechanism through the rotation of an arm and a mechanical arm, and the luminous automatic detection mechanism is used for detecting the quality of processed workpieces, and classifying the processed workpieces by the mechanical arm executing mechanism and placing the classified processed workpieces on a material platform. The three-dimensional automatic feeding discharging and detecting device is capable of rapidly and accurately realizing the transportation of raw materials and the workpieces between the material platform and a processing engine bed, automatically detecting the workpieces and classifying the workpieces, has the advantages of simpleness in operation, convenience in moving, good control performance and high detection precision, and is particularly suitable for the demands of volume production and automatic processing.
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