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Method and apparatus for providing reduced cost online service and adaptive targeting of advertisements

A method and apparatus for adaptively targeting advertisements to a specific client computer from a server within a distributed data processing system is provided. As a user of the client browses the World Wide Web, the material that is downloaded to the client constitutes a datastream. At some location during the routing of the datastream, either on the server or at the client, the datastream is scanned to generate a list of keywords that are present within the datastream. The datastream may be analyzed in real-time or cached and analyzed on a delayed basis. The generated list of keywords represents a summary of the content that appears to be the focus of interest of the user. The keywords are compared against a database of advertisements, and the server selects an advertisement that matches the user's area of interest in comparison to the analysis of the user's browsing history. The selected advertisement is then inserted into the datastream to be routed to the client. In consideration for viewing targeted advertisements and to entice a Web viewer to allow the monitoring of a datastream so that targeted advertisements may be placed into the datastream, a Web viewer may receive online connection service for free, for a reduced cost, at a premium level of service, or for other some other value, such as frequent viewer credits that may be exchanged for goods and services.

Method and system for continuous monitoring and diagnosis of body sounds

A method and system is invented for automated continuous monitoring and real-time analysis of body sounds. The system embodies a multi-sensor data acquisition system to measure body sounds continuously. The sound signal processing functions utilize a unique signal separation and noise removal methodology by which authentic body sounds can be extracted from cross-talk signals and in noisy environments, even when signals and noises may have similar frequency components or statistically dependent. This method and system combines traditional noise canceling methods with the unique advantages of rhythmic features in body sounds. By employing a multi-sensor system, the method and system perform cyclic system reconfiguration, time-shared blind identification and adaptive noise cancellation with recursion from cycle to cycle. Since no frequency separation or signal/noise independence is required, this invention can provide a robust and reliable capability of noise reduction, complementing the traditional methods. The invention further includes a novel method by which pattern recognition of groups of key parameters can be used to diagnosis physical conditions associated with body sounds, with confidence intervals on the diagnostic criterion to indicate accuracy of diagnosis.
Owner:WANG LE YI +1

Traffic video behavior analyzing and alarming server

InactiveCN102081844ASpot violations in real timeFound violationsDetection of traffic movementClosed circuit television systemsTraffic capacityData stream
The invention discloses a traffic video behavior analyzing and alarming server, comprising a video source input unit, a central processing unit, an alarm unit, a display unit and a storage unit, wherein the video source input unit provides a plurality of paths of traffic video data streams to the central processing unit, the central processing unit simultaneously analyzes various traffic behavior violation on the plurality of paths of video data streams and triggers the alarming unit according to a traffic behavior violation analysis result, the alarm unit alarms in a set mode, the display unit displays the traffic videos and the traffic behavior violation analysis process and results in real time, and the storage unit stores the traffic video streams including whole vehicle violation processes, and the records of the violation analysis results. By means of the invention, various traffic behaviors (such as line crossing, retrogradation, illegal parking, traffic accidents and traffic flow statistics) in a plurality of paths of traffic video streams can be analyzed simultaneously and independently in real time, vehicle violation can be found out in all paths of traffic video streams in real time, and alarm treatment can be carried out in a very short time.

An industrial Internet of Things system based on edge computing and a data processing method thereof

The invention discloses an industrial Internet of Things system based on edge computing, and the system comprises a data collection module, an edge gateway, and a cloud processing platform; the data collection module is used for collecting the original data of a field device; The edge gateway is used for converting the original data into standard data, carrying out real-time analysis on key data in the original data, carrying out real-time intelligent processing on the field equipment according to an analysis result, carrying out classified packaging on the standard data, carrying out protocolconversion on the standard data, and sending the standard data to the cloud processing platform; And the cloud processing platform is used for carrying out data analysis, system monitoring and energymanagement according to the data from the edge gateway, and sending a data analysis result to a corresponding Internet of Things application. Through the edge gateway, the data transmission cost canbe effectively reduced, and the real-time decision and response of the key service can be ensured; By utilizing the powerful management capability of the cloud platform, mass data access is supported,a safe and reliable message processing capability is provided, and enterprises are assisted to integrate value chains and quickly construct innovative Internet of Things services.
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