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Secure wireless leak detection system

Supervised wireless leak detection system, having a leak detection sensor unit, capable of transmitting a uniquely coded signal in response to a detected leak, a supervised wireless valve control transceiver unit having a receiver, capable of receiving said uniquely coded signal, and a transmitter for feeding the uniquely coded signal within the system, a valve shut-off mechanism in communication with said valve control transceiver unit said valve shut-off mechanism having a motor attached to a valve, said motor creating a rotation pulse used to close and open said valve, and a processor having an electronic circuitry containing sensor(s), detecting said motor rotation pulse count during a motorized valve closure or open process. Said processor functions in a setup process to memorize (learn) said motor rotation pulse count, required, to close and or to open the valve. Wherein said processor upon receipt of said uniquely coded signal in response to a detected leak, applies power to the motor to close the valve, the motor controlled to stop turning the valve in response to a processor received motor rotation pulse count number, substantially equal to a previously stored number needed to close or open said valve. A digital, voice, or SMS text message phone dialer is add to dispatch the detected leak signals, and notify monitoring personnel supervised system operation, end provide user access to turn on or off a valve(s) from a remote location(s).

Method and system for registering and measuring leaks and flows

The present invention concerns a method of quantifying, detecting and localizing leaks or flows of liquid, gasses, or particles, in an oil or gas producing well (230). The method utilizes an acoustic transducer (150) arranged in the well (230). The method comprises steps of: (a) detecting signals (210) using the transducer (150), wherein the signals (210) are generated by acoustic noise from leaks (20) or flow of liquid, gasses, or particles in surroundings of the transducer (150); (b) amplifying the signals (210) to generate corresponding amplified signals for subsequent processing in a processing unit (170) disposed locally to the transducer (150); (c) filtering the amplified signals (210) over several frequency ranges using dynamic filtering for simultaneously detecting in these frequency ranges for better optimizing the signal-to-noise ratio by filtering away background noise in the amplified signals (210), and thereby generating corresponding processed data; and (d) sending the processed data from the processing unit (170) to a unit on the surface for storage and/or viewing of said data. The invention also comprises a corresponding system for implementing the method. The method and system are beneficially adapted for a continuous measurement up and/or down the oil or gas producing well. (230) in a non-stepwise manner.

Leakage source detecting device based on infrared thermal imaging processing

ActiveCN102636313ASolve the problem of difficult detection and positioningIncrease lossDetection of fluid at leakage pointEngineeringLeakage power
The invention relates to a leakage source detecting device based on infrared thermal imaging processing, and the leakage source detecting device comprises an infrared thermal imaging camera and a microprocessor, wherein the microprocessor is used for analyzing, processing and judging damage conditions, leakage points, leakage zones and leakage degrees of walls of buildings or containers according to the thermal images, shot by infrared thermal imaging camera, of the walls or containers and relative input information, and the infrared thermal imaging camera is used for scanning a preprocessed detected object so as to obtain the temperature distribution information of the surfaces of the walls or the containers. The software of the microprocessor mainly comprises an infrared thermal imaging acquiring unit, an infrared thermal imaging preprocessing unit and a leakage quantitative detecting unit, and the software of the microprocessor analyzes the temperature field to the object to be detected through a digital image processing technology to judge whether the object to be detected has the defect of leakage or not. The leakage source detecting device provided by the invention can be used for not only rapidly detecting the existing of the leakage defect, but can also accurately detecting the leakage zone and degree and the influence scope. The leakage source detecting device provided by the invention provides an assessment method for leakage defects.

Capacitively readout multi-element sensor array with common-mode cancellation

An improved multi-element apparatus for detecting the presence of at least one chemical, biological or physical component in a monitored area comprising an array or single set of the following elements: a capacitive transducer having at least one cantilever spring element secured thereto, the cantilever element having an area thereof coated with a chemical having an affinity for the component to be detected; a pick-up plate positioned adjacent to the cantilever element at a distance such that a capacitance between the cantilever element and the pick-up plate changes as the distance between the cantilever element and the pick-up plate varies, the change in capacitance being a measurable variation; a detection means for measuring the measurable variation in the capacitance between the cantilever element and the pick-up plate that forms a measurement channel signal; and at least one feedback cantilever spring element positioned apart from the coated cantilever element, the cantilever element substantially unaffected by the component being monitored and providing a reference channel signal to the detection means that achieves a common mode cancellation between the measurement channel signal and reference channel signal.
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