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Map structure and method for producing

A new and useful map structure, particularly for an activity within a special region having a geographic boundary, and a technique for creating a map structure are provided. The map and technique are particularly useful in providing a map for use by a hunter in a designated hunting region. The map structure comprises a substrate and map data produced on the substrate. The substrate is designed to withstand the conditions of the special region (e.g. an authorized hunting region), and of the type of handling it is likely to encounter in during the actively in the special region. The map data is also provided in a form that is likely to withstand the conditions of the special region, and is of a type that is particularly useful to the activity in the special region. Moreover, in producing the map structure, an electronic data file is created from which the map data can be produced on the substrate. The electronic data file is configured to produce map data that includes at a predetermined scale a boundary of a special geographic boundary of the special region in which a special outdoor activity, e.g. hunting, is authorized, and that map data includes information (e.g. water tank locations, GPS grid and coordinate information) that are particularly useful for the special outdoor activity.

Device for concentrating optical radiation

A holographic planar concentrator (HPC) for collecting and concentrating optical radiation is provided. The holographic planar concentrator comprises a planar highly transparent plate and at least one multiplexed holographic optical film mounted on a surface thereof. The multiplexed holographic optical film has recorded therein a plurality of diffractive structures having one or more regions which are angularly and spectrally multiplexed. Two or more of the regions may be configured to provide spatial multiplexing. The HPC is fabricated by: (a) recording the plurality of diffractive structures in the multiplexed holographic optical film employing angular, spectral, and, optionally, spatial multiplexing techniques; and (b) mounting the multiplexed holographic optical film on one surface of the highly transparent plate. The recording of the plurality of diffractive structures is tailored to the intended orientation of the holographic planar concentrator to solar energy. The HPC is mounted in the intended orientation for collecting solar energy and at least one solar energy-collecting device is mounted along at least one edge of the holographic planar concentrator. Examples of suitable solar energy-collecting devices include photovoltaic cells and fiber optic light guides for transmitting collected light into an interior of a building for illumination purposes and for transmitting collected solar radiation into a hot water tank for heating. The HPC permits efficient collection of solar energy without expensive requirements, while minimizing energy losses.

A vehicle battery thermal management system

ActiveCN102290618ATemperature consistencyOptimum working temperature environmentSecondary cellsManagement unitAutomotive battery
The invention provides a vehicle battery thermal management system, and belongs to the technical field of automobile batteries. The vehicle battery thermal management system solves the problem that battery thermal management in the prior art is not accurate and timely and comprises a first liquid circulation loop, wherein the first liquid circulation loop consists of a battery pack, a water tank, a water pump and a radiator; a cooling structure and a heater are sequentially connected between the water pump and the battery pack to form a second liquid circulation loop; solenoid valves which only control respective liquid circulation loop are arranged on the first liquid circulation loop and the second liquid circulation loop; a temperature sensor is arranged on the battery pack; a battery management unit, the temperature sensor, the water pump, a first solenoid valve, a second solenoid valve, the cooling structure and the heater are connected with a complete vehicle controller; and the complete vehicle controller can receive a detection signal of the temperature sensor, process the detection signal, and send a control signal to control the operation of the water pump, the two solenoid valves, the cooling structure, the heater and the battery management unit. The system can accurately and timely judge a battery thermal environment and perform effective adjustment.

Beverage dispenser having selectable temperature

The present invention dispenses hot coffee or other beverage by the cup at a selected temperature, which can be varied from cup-to-cup. The beverage is brewed in a conventional way, and in one embodiment is stored in a conventional holding tank at elevated temperature. The holding tank communicates with two smaller reservoirs. A quantity of beverage is stored in a first reservoir at an elevated temperature, at or above the maximum desired dispensing temperature. A second quantity of beverage is cooled and stored in a second reservoir at a lower temperature, at or below the minimum desired dispensing temperature. When a cup of beverage is to be dispensed, the temperature is selected, and a quantity of beverage is dispensed from each of the reservoirs, proportioned so that the resulting dispensed beverage is at the selected temperature. In another embodiment, the first reservoir is omitted, and beverage from the holding tank provides the elevated temperature beverage for mixing. In several other embodiments, no cooling mechanism is needed. Instead, the holding tank is at a cooler temperature than the lowest vend temperature, and the beverage must be heated to the hot reservoir temperature and, in one embodiment, the cold reservoir temperature. In another embodiment, the holding tank functions as a cold reservoir. In still another embodiment requiring no heaters, the holding tank is eliminated, and the beverage is held in insulated chambers at the higher and lower temperatures.

Device and method for preparing nitrogen foam cement

The invention discloses a device and method for preparing nitrogen foam cement. The preparing device comprises a foam cement producer, a liquid nitrogen evaporator, a liquid nitrogen plunger pump, a foam liquid plunger pump, a foam liquid tank, a heat exchange system, a liquid nitrogen pipeline, a high-pressure cement paste pipeline, a first pipeline, a foam cement discharge pipeline and a densitydetecting device. The heat generated by a power unit, a hydraulic system and other devices in a nitrogen foam well fixing device is recovered through the heat exchange system, the recovered heat is used as a heat source of the liquid nitrogen evaporator, energy conservation and environment protection are realized, the energy utilization rate is high, and equipment input is low. Liquid nitrogen and foam liquid are pressurized through a high-pressure liquid nitrogen plunger pump and a high-pressure foam liquid plunger pump, the mixing uniformity is increased, and the density of foam cement is reduced. The density of the foam cement is detected in real time through the density detecting device, the flow of the liquid nitrogen and/or foam liquid is adjusted according to the density, and the density is simply controlled. By arranging a clear water tank, after operation ends, the equipment and pipelines are flushed, and the service life is polonged.

Oil field fracturing system with antifreezing performance

The invention discloses an oil field fracturing system with antifreezing performance. The oil field fracturing system comprises a clear water tank, a mixing vehicle, a buffer tank, a sand mixing vehicle, a fracturing device, a well mouth and a throttling manifold, wherein the outlet of the clear water tank is connected with the inlet of the mixing vehicle, the outlet of the mixing vehicle is connected with the inlet of the buffer tank, and the outlet of the buffer tank is connected with the inlet of the sand mixing vehicle, the outlet of the sand mixing vehicle is connected with an inlet of the fracturing device, a plurality of flanges are arranged at the well mouth, and one flange of the well mouth is connected with the throttling manifold, the other flanges of the well mouth are connected with the outlet of the fracturing device, and the outlet of the throttling manifold flows back to the clear water tank to form a closed circulation system. The oil field fracturing system has the beneficial effects that the liquid can be rapidly heated by adopting a steam automobile, so that the guanidine gum is fully swelled; and when there is no construction at night, the normal operation of the equipment is guaranteed by adopting the full-pipeline circulation and heat preservation, the pipeline is prevented from being disassembled, and equipment freeze-plugging is prevented.

Fluid-solid-heat coupling triaxial servo percolation device for gas-contained coal

The invention discloses a fluid-solid-heat coupling triaxial servo percolation device for gas-contained coal, comprising a lifting stand, a hydraulic servo control system, an axial loading device mounted at the top of the lifting stand and a triaxial pressure chamber connected with the lower end of the axial loading device. A thermostatic water tank is arranged below the triaxial pressure chamber; a movable worktable is arranged above the thermostatic water tank; the lower end of the triaxial pressure chamber is arranged on the movable worktable; heating tubes are arranged in the thermostatic water tank; and a water inlet valve, a water drain valve and a water-bath circulating water pump are arranged outside the thermostatic water tank and are communicated with the thermostatic water tank. In the hydraulic servo control system, an axial compression loading oil pump is communicated with an oil inlet and an oil outlet by a pipeline, and a peripheral compression loading oil pump is communicated with an oil intake/drain hole by a pipeline. The fluid-solid-heat coupling triaxial servo percolation device for gas-contained coal can carry out the research of gas-contained coal percolation tests in states, such as different terrestrial stresses, different gas pressures, different temperatures, and the like and the distortion and failure characteristics of the gas-contained coal in a percolation process.

Heating system of power battery of pure electric automobile and control method thereof

The invention aims to provide a heating system of a power battery of a pure electric automobile and a control method thereof, which are used for eliminating the influence of low temperature on the performance of the power battery of the pure electric automobile to ensure that the pure electric automobile can be used in severe cold areas in winter. The heating system comprises a battery heating device which is arranged in a battery pack, wherein the battery heating device is provided with a hollow radiating fin; and the radiating fin is provided with a water inlet and a water outlet. The heating system is characterized by also comprising an auxiliary heater, wherein the auxiliary heater is connected with a fuel supply device; a heat exchanger is arranged in the auxiliary heater; the water inlet of the heat exchanger is communicated with the water outlet of an expansion water tank by a water pump and a water pipe; the water outlet of the heat exchanger is communicated with the water inlet of the radiating fin by an electric control valve; the water outlet of the radiating fine is communicated with the water inlet of the expansion water tank; the electric control valve, the auxiliary heater and the water pump are connected with a vehicle controller and are controlled by the vehicle controller; and the vehicle controller is also connected with a battery management system.

A biological water quality monitoring system and monitoring method for fish behavior

InactiveCN102297865ARealize water change testJudging pollutionMaterial analysis by optical meansFiltrationData acquisition
The invention relates to a biological water quality monitoring system by fish behaviors and a monitoring method thereof. The monitoring system provided by the invention comprises a data acquisition device, a data analysis device and a transparent water tank, and is characterized in that the water tank is successively divided into a pipelining buffer area, a fish shoal observation area and a filtration adjusting area by netted fish baffle plates; the sidewall of the pipelining buffer area is provided with a water inlet pipe; the outer portion of the fish shoal observation area is equipped witha light source; the sidewall of the filtration adjusting area is provided with a water outlet pipe; the filtration adjusting area is provided with a circulating pump; and the sidewall near the bottomof the water tank is equipped with a draining valve. The monitoring method provided by the invention comprises the following steps of: shooting the behaviors of the tested fish shoal by the use of a camera to obtain an image sequence, sending into a computer for real time image processing and data analysis, comparing obtained average moving speed, dispersion and the like and a preset threshold value, and determining whether the water quality is polluted or not. According to the invention, parametric records of fish behaviors in hydrostatic, pipelining and water-exchanging tests can be simultaneously realized, and the behaviors of individual and colonial organism can be simultaneously measured.

Medical instrument sterilization, cleaning and drying integral equipment

The invention discloses medical instrument sterilization, cleaning and drying integral equipment which comprises a tank body, a threaded rod, a first motor, a movable block, a rotating shaft, a spring, a holding frame, a gear, a sterilization device, a cleaning device, a drying device, a collecting frame and a rack, wherein the sterilization device comprises a disinfectant tank, a first pump body,a second motor and a brush plate; the cleaning device comprises a water tank, a second pump body and a cleaning plate; the drying device comprises a drying plate, a drying lamp and an ultraviolet raysterilization lamp. Due to adoption of the sterilization device, a disinfectant can be sprayed while a medical instrument is brushed, so that the sterilization effect is improved; due to adoption ofthe cleaning device, the disinfectant is prevented from being retained on the medical instrument to do harm to skin of medical operators; due to adoption of the drying machine, two drying modes are implemented simultaneously, so that a rapid drying speed and a good drying effect are achieved; due to adoption of the gear and the rack, a medical instrument in the holding frame can automatically slide into the collecting frame conveniently and rapidly, and meanwhile the consequence that the medical instrument is contaminated again as operators contact the medical instrument is avoided.
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