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Fuel assembly spacer grid with swirl deflectors and hydraulic pressure springs

InactiveUS6236702B1Minimized pressure lossDecrease in initial mechanical spring forceNuclear energy generationFuel element assembliesSpring forceInterconnection
A fuel assembly spacer grid including swirl deflectors respectively arranged at interconnections between interconnecting longitudinally and laterally-extending straps on upper ends of the interconnecting straps adapted to support fuel elements of a nuclear fuel assembly. Each of the swirl deflectors has four vanes bent to have an air vane shape. By virtue of this configuration, an improvement in the efficiency of the spacer grid cooling the fuel elements. The spacer grid also includes springs each configured to generate not only a main spring force caused by a displacement of the spring occurring when the spring comes into contact with a fuel element placed in a reactor core, but also an additional spring force caused by hydraulic pressure applied to the spring. Each spring, which is in a fixed state at one end thereof, has a free bent portion at the other end. By virtue of such a spring configuration, it is possible to compensate for a reduction in the initial spring force of the spring resulting from a change in the property of the spring material. The spring has a curved contact portion configured in such a manner that it is in conformal surface contact with a circumferential surface of the fuel element, thereby enhancing vibration suppressing and abrasion resistance forces.

Active-passive combined reactor core residual heat removal system for nuclear power station

ActiveCN102903404AReduced risk of serious accidentsGuaranteed completeness of security functionsNuclear energy generationCooling arrangementNuclear powerNuclear engineering
The invention relates to an active-passive combined reactor core residual heat removal system for a nuclear power station. The active-passive combined reactor core residual heat removal system comprises a safety injection system, a containment spraying system, an auxiliary water supply system, a reactor cavity water injection system, a secondary side passive residual heat removal system, a passive containment heat leading-out system and related valves and pipelines. The active-passive combined reactor core residual heat removal system provided by the invention realizes three safety functions of controlling reactivity, discharging reactor core heat and containing radioactive substance when an accident occurs in an active-passive combined multi-redundancy diversity manner. The active-passive combined reactor core residual heat removal system provided by the invention can completely realize the safety functions of safety injection and safety spraying under the condition that the accident occurs in a nuclear power plant, reactor cavity water injection under the serious accident working condition and the like, effectively improve reliability of a safety system, enhance coping capability of the safety system under the working condition that the accident occurs in the nuclear power station, can effectively prevent and relieve the serious accident, reduce the reactor core melting probability and risk probability of large-scale radioactivity release and greatly improve safety performance of the nuclear power station.
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