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Business directory search engine

A system and method for efficiently searching directory listing information to obtain more relevant results is provided. In a computer system running a computing application, it is advantageous to provide search capabilities, in the form of a search engine, to operators to assist them in their effort of retrieving desired data. The search engine may cooperate with a data store having directory listing information to provide listings data to an operator. In an illustrative implementation, this search engine may be deployed on an Internet Web site that offers business listing information. The search system may comprise a user interface to enter search query information, a data store that houses a variety of directory listing information according to a predefined data taxonomy, and a means for displaying the search results. In operation, the search engine offers a variety of search options, such as, search by business name, by business categories levels, by geographic position of the user or the business, or a combination thereof. Depending on the search query entered, the search engine will perform either a bounded search (i.e. a search bounded to a specific geographic area), a proximity search (i.e. a search proximate to a computed centroid), or a combination of the two to find the most relevant directory listings. Using the inputted search qualifiers, the search engine polls the data store according to a predefined set of rules and instructions for the relevant directory listing information. These rules are directly related to the taxonomy of the data store.

Encapsulated, streaming media automation and distribution system

Disclosed are systems and methods for creating and distributing programming content carried by a digital streaming media to be a plurality of remote nodes located over a large geographic area to create customized broadcast quality programming at the remote nodes. At the remote nodes, a multi-window screen display simultaneously shows different programming including national programming and local programming content. The remote nodes utilize a remote channel origination device to assemble the customized programming at the remote location that can be controlled from a central location. An encapsulated IP and IP encryption system is used to transport the digital streaming media to the appropriate remote nodes. Also disclosed is a graphical user interface (“GUI”) providing a software control interface for creating and editing shows or programs that can be aired or played on a remote display device having a multi-window display. The intuitive GUI Software provides the user the ability to easily manage and assemble a series of images, animations and transitions as a single broadcast quality program to be displayed on a remote display device. Another application software system is capable of automating the production of audio narration reports. The disclosed audio concatenation engine automates the creation of audio narration using prerecorded audio segments to minimize the requirement for live, on-air personnel to record audio narration segments.

System and method for distributing information via a communication network

A communication system for distributing information via a network to one or more subscribers includes a multi-port switch, one or more radio frequency (RF) modems coupled to respective ports of the switch, a combiner and a transmitter. The switch forwards source information to the RF modems based on address information. Each RF modem modulates and up converts information from the switch to an RF signal within a respective subscriber channel of the television broadcast spectrum. Each channel is assigned to one or more subscribers, and each subscriber is allocated unshared bandwidth. Each channel may be further divided into unshared bandwidth increments, so that multiple subscribers may share a single channel. The combiner combines modulated information from each RF modem into a combined signal and the transmitter transmits the combined signal to the subscribers via the network. An HFC network including a distribution point and one or more optical nodes is contemplated, each optical node serving a particular geographic area via a corresponding coaxial cable. Each subscriber destination includes a gateway device or the like that is tuned to a corresponding channel to retrieve source information from that channel, and to deliver the information to one or more local subscriber devices. The gateway further includes converters, a modulator and an up converter to receive and transmit subscriber information upstream to the distribution point. The gateways and an address resolution server enforce point to point communications. A bandwidth manager allocates bandwidth and monitors bandwidth usage.

Emergency communications for the mobile environment

Systems and methods for two-way, interactive communication regarding emergency notifications and responses for mobile environments are disclosed. In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, a specific geographic area is designated for selective emergency communications. The emergency communications may comprise text, audio, video, and other types of data. The emergency notification is sent to users' mobile communications devices such as in-vehicle telematics units, cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), laptops, etc. that are currently located in the designated area. The sender of the emergency message or the users' service provider(s) may remotely control cameras and microphones associated with the users' mobile communications devices. For example, a rear camera ordinarily used when driving in reverse may be used to capture images and video that may assist authorities in searching for a suspect. The users' vehicles may send photographs or video streams of nearby individuals, cars and license plates, along with real-time location information, in response to the emergency notification. Image recognition algorithms may be used to analyze license plates, vehicles, and faces captured by the users' cameras and determine whether they match a suspect's description. Advantageously, the present invention utilizes dormant resources in a highly beneficial and time-saving manner that increases public safety and national security.

Method and system for implementing a global ecosystem of interrelated services

The present invention is directed to a method and management service platform for implementing a global ecosystem of interrelated services. The service platform is comprised of three distinct layers: a physical machine layer; a virtual machine layer and a layer of interrelated services. The physical machine layer may be deployed on large numbers of small generic servers in many geographic locations distributed for enterprise use. Associated with one or more servers are particular resources managed by that particular server. Any server in any geographic location can process any service needed by any client in any other geographic area. The operating system of each physical server is not used directly in the operating environment, but instead, each server runs a platform-independent programming language virtual machine on top of the operating system—this is the virtual machine layer. Services are location independent processing entities that are managed dynamically, configured dynamically, load their code remotely, and found and communicated with dynamically. A generic service container is a CPU process into which arbitrary software services may be homed to a host server at runtime. Thus, a virtual machine layer is an interface layer of service which supports the layer of interrelated srvices rather than the operating system of the physical machines.
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