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Pipeline detection robot

InactiveCN104565675ADetect CorrosivityDetect cracksPigs/molesEngineeringMotor controller
The invention relates to a pipeline detection robot. The pipeline detection robot mainly comprises a laser detection mechanism (1), a traction mechanism (2), an electromagnetic ultrasonic detection mechanism (3) and an electronic cabin (4), all of which are connected through connecting hinge shafts; the traction mechanism (1) adopts a single-motor all-drive mode and is driven by a turbo-worm synchronous belt to supply a walking power to the robot; the laser detection mechanism (2) comprises a laser displacement sensor, a rotating arm, a counterweight, a support body and the like and is used for measuring surface corrosion and deformation of a pipeline; the electromagnetic ultrasonic detection mechanism (3) comprises a support assembly, a probe and a fixing plate and is used for measuring the wall thickness and the crack defect of the pipeline; the electronic cabin (4) is used for carrying auxiliary components, such as a stepping motor controller, a servo motor driver, a power supply and an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) control panel. The pipeline detection robot disclosed by the invention can be used for finding the defects, such as pipeline corrosion, cracks and deformation, carrying out in-service detection on an oil and gas pipeline in a working process, carrying out targeted repair, maintenance and replacement according to a detection result, reducing the maintenance cost and guaranteeing safe and stable operation of the oil and gas pipeline.

Safe automatic control method suitable for transforming plant main transformer tripping

ActiveCN101478177ASolve the problem of power supply reliabilityPrevent overloadEmergency power supply arrangementsAutomatic controlLow voltage
The invention discloses a safety automatic control method suitable for a main transformer of a transformer station during the tripping process. The method is characterized in that on the transformer stations with three and more running main transformers, the buses at the high-voltage sides of the main transformers run in parallel, and the buses at the middle and low voltage sides of the main transformers run in parallel; after the electrical characteristics of the main transformers and the buses meet the charging conditions of spare power automatic switching, the spare power automatic switching is enabled, and if the main transformers trip at the moment through detection, the spare power automatic switching of the transformer station is realized according to the running modes of the main transformers and the bus-tie circuit breakers or the section switches at the medium-voltage sides or the low-voltage sides of the main transformers; and when the electrical characteristics of the main transformers and the buses meet the discharging conditions of spare power automatic switching, the spare power automatic switching of the transformer station is locked. The invention has the advantages that the method can effectively solve the problems of capacity release of the main transformers of the transformer station and the reliability of power supply of the transformer station during the process of trip fault of the main transformers.

Marine floating type drilling riser flexible hanger

ActiveCN105649560ASimplify the suspension operation stepsShorten suspension operation timeDrilling rodsWell/borehole valve arrangementsHydraulic cylinderUniversal joint
The invention discloses a marine floating type drilling riser flexible hander which mainly comprises a chuck-universal joint assembly, a motion compensation device, a guide mechanism and a hydraulic power unit. The chuck-universal joint assembly is combined by adopting an embedded structure, suspension and up-down of a water string can be achieved, and it is ensured that the chuck swings by a certain angle along with a riser; a distance-increasing type motion compensation hydraulic cylinder is adopted on the motion compensation device to drive the chuck-universal joint assembly to do compensation motion. The guide mechanism ensures that the chuck-universal joint assembly does rectilinear motion along a guide rail through sliding fit of a sliding block installed on the chuck-universal joint assembly and the guide rail, and the radial load of the riser is borne. The hydraulic power unit provides power and control for the whole device. On the basis of achieving the conventional suspension and up-down operation function, the system structure height is lowered, the riser suspension operation step is simplified, suspension time is shortened, the variation amplitude of the load in the riser is lowered, and the suspension performance and reliability of the riser are improved.

Switching and scheduling method and equipment for multiple CDN service

InactiveCN107172220ARealize disaster recoveryImprove usabilityTransmissionDistributed computingFast switching
The invention provides a switching and scheduling method and switching and scheduling equipment for multiple CDN services. The switching and scheduling method and the switching and scheduling equipment monitor availability of the CDN service offering service, automatically make the abnormal CDN service be off-line from a service point and switch to the suitable CDN service for a user quickly according to server dispatching information when discovering that the CDN service offering service is abnormal and cannot offer service normally, can avoid the problems that all business is affected because the service is not available once the CDN service fails when the user only uses one single CDN service and the other CDN services cannot be switched to quickly and intelligently, and realize disaster tolerance of the CDN services; in addition, the existing CDN service switching and scheduling method is extended, thereby implementing the more intelligent and rapid switching and scheduling method; moreover, the switching and scheduling method and the switching and scheduling equipment can realize user diversion for the CDN services, avoid overload of one single CDN service, achieve the purpose of load balancing, effectively improve the utilization efficiency of system resources, and improve the quality of user experience.
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