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Laundry refers to the washing of clothing and other textiles. Laundry processes are often done in a room reserved for that purpose; in an individual home this is referred to as a laundry room, Laundry in Australian English or utility room. An apartment building or student hall of residence may have a shared laundry facility such as a tvättstuga. A stand-alone business is referred to as a self-service laundry (launderette in British English or laundromat in American English). The material that is being washed, or has been laundered, is also generally referred to as laundry.

RFID applications

Applications of RFID technology include: RFID Tags on Automobiles in Parking Garages; RFID w/Toothbrushes; RFID Tags For Laundry Settings; RFID Tags Or Labels to Find a Mate; RFID To Identify The Value Of Coins; RFID Tags In The Doctors Office; RFID Tags Or Labels In Game Arcades; RFID With Prisoners; RFID Tags To Identify Soldiers; RFID Labels As Tags To Label Particular Components Of Aircraft or Other Structures; Car, Snowmobile, Boat, Etc. Ignition That Won't Start Without RFID Card; Car seats with RFID reader and memory; Air bags that adjust based on information on RFID; Car that keeps track of GPS info and knows whos driving based on RFID; RFID Smart Closet; Method of taking attendance; RFID on networked desks to monitor the location of individuals; Personal computer reads RFID to log you in and take you to favorite web page, load favorites list, etc.; RFID labels on Files; RFID address label versions of all label and sheet inventions; RFID sports tickets; Combination function invitation and RFID chip to allow admittance; Roll of tape with RFID built in; Schoolbus reads which kids getting on, keeps record; RFID on each car wheel; RFID key to operate common-area laundry; RFID to automatically adjust weights/treadmill settings in gym; RFID w/clothes measurements, save shelf space at store, get proper size; RFID keyring w/car information; Keep track of who's driving around neighborhood; RFID dental implant; RFID Thumbtack; RFID Doorstop; RFID identification of boats or ships at docks; RFID on cups w/specifics of favorite coffee drinks; RFID on bridges with RFID tanks on top of cars, to detect speeding; RFID on studs in a wall and RFID reader that acts as a stud finder; RFID tags or labels inside tires; RFID cards supplied with newspapers or magazines; RFID card that lights up a when the user reaches a particular location; RFID sports ticket w/automatic map generation to seat; RFID card to tell school cafeteria what lunch to prepare for particular student; student desk with slot to receive RFID card, desks on networks together, Central computing system can tell where any particular student is sitting at any given moment within the school; RFID readers on outdoor play equipment; Authentication of Expensive Items With RFID; Paintings or other art work with RFID label to be used to verify the number in a limited series; RFID on sports helmet or uniform; RFID chips in paint; RFID cards issued to airline passengers to identify type of drinks and meals for a particular passenger, etc.; Greeting Cards With RFID; Decorative Tiles With RFID Tags; RFID in Car Washes; and Adaptive Advertising Based on RFID Information.

Laundry system having unitized dosing

Compositions, articles and methods are provided for supplying fabric care benefits to clothing or fabrics in an automated washing machine and by manual washing. The fabric care compositions preferably have less than about 5% detergent surfactants, more preferably less than 3%, even more preferably less than 1% and are most preferably free of detergent surfactants. Similarly, the fabric care compositions preferably have less than about 5% fabric softener actives, more preferably less than 3%, even more preferably less than 1% and are most preferably free of detergent surfactants. The laundry articles can take a variety of forms in a variety of physical states all of which will rapidly dispense a unitized amount of one or more selected fabric care agents to a wash and / or rinse bath solution during the laundering process under a variety of conditions. The invention also pertains to laundry kits that contain a variety of such articles and instructions concerning their use. Likewise, methods for preparing a customized laundry solution to obtain a specific; fabric care benefit selected based on the user's personal preferences and / or the fabric care needs of the fabrics being laundered are also provided. Further, the present invention also concerns methods for assisting a consumer in identifying the unitized articles to be used in preparing a laundry solution that will impart desired fabric care benefits as well as merchandising displays for dispensing the articles, assembling customized laundry kits and instructing the consumer on the selection and use of laundry articles.

Laundry appliance

A drum hatch engaging mechanism is for inclusion in a laundry appliance having a cabinet and a drum rotatable within the cabinet. The mechanism includes a drum hatch engaging member connected with the cabinet with the connection providing for movement of the member between non-engagement and engagement positions. An actuator is provided to selectively move the drum hatch engaging member between the positions. A catch member is connected with a sliding hatch of the drum. The connection between the catch member and the sliding hatch provides for movement of the catch member between a position adjacent the skin of the drum and an outwardly displaced position. The drum hatch engaging member includes a ramped abutment to engage and lift the catch member to the outer position through movement of the catch member toward the abutment during an opening rotation of the drum. The hatch engaging member includes a closing abutment facing the ramped abutment. The closing abutment butts against the catch member during a closing rotation of the drum. There is a catch member support surface on the drum which tracks the circumference of the drum skin at a level to cooperate with the drum hatch engaging member. The support surface and the drum hatch engaging member cooperate to entrap the catch member in the outward position during opening and closing rotations of the drum.With a single actuator the mechanism can reliably open and close the drum without stopping the drum to engage and / or disengage from the drum hatch.
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