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Cyclic process: When a system returns to its original state after completing a series of changes, then it is known that a cycle is completed. This process is known as cyclic process. In a cyclic process the initial and the final state is same.

Method for preparing diethyl oxalate by coupling CO

The invention discloses a method for preparing diethyl oxalate by CO coupling reaction. By applying a gas phase method, CO is coordinated with ethyl nitrite and is catalyzed by bimetallic supported catalyzer to couplingly generate crude diethyl oxalate, the reaction is a self-sealing circulation process, the CO gas mixed with the ethyl nitrite coming from a regeneration reactor is preheated and then enters into a coupling reactor, after the reaction, the gas is separated by condensation, so that the colorless and transparent condensed diethyl oxalate liquid is produced, and the uncondensed gas containing NO enters into the regeneration reactor to react with ethanol and oxygen in order to generate ethyl nitrite which is again circulated back to the coupling reactor for continuous use. The invention is carried out on the basis of previous laboratory research and under the background of industrial production and fulfils the continuous run examination of the bench scale test and pilot magnification under the condition of industrial operation, the temperature of the coupling reaction is low, and the concentration of products is increased. The method has the advantages of more energy saving, no pollution and high benefit. The total conversion rate of the CO generated by reaction is one hundred percent, and the selectivity of diethyl oxalate is over ninety six percent.

Anode or cathode pole piece of lithium ion battery and coating method thereof

The present invention relates to a lithium-ion battery anode or cathode pole piece and a spreading method of the anode pole piece or the cathode pole piece, wherein, the anode pole piece and the cathode pole piece consists of a foil, a conducting adhesive thin layer and an electrode active material layer in turn; the thickness of the conducting adhesive thin layer is five to ten microns. The electrode pole piece is made in the procedures that a layer of conducting adhesive thin layer in the thickness of five to ten microns are pre-coated on the surface of the foil before the sizing agent is spread, so that a conducting adhesive thin layer having good adhesive force, good conductivity and compact structure is formed on the surface of the foil. Then the electrode active material sizing agent is spread on the conducting adhesive thin layer, and is dried under an appropriate temperature to produce a required pole piece. The present invention can reduce the surface of the foil, and can improve the wetting quality of the sizing agent, thereby improving the adhesion performance of the anode material and the collecting body (aluminum foil) so as to reduce the powder-dropping of the battery during the cycling process, and to prolong the cycling service life of the battery; moreover, the present invention can reduce the content of the adhesive agent in the sizing agent, and improve the utilization rate of the active substance, and the method of the present invention does not produce negative influence on the performance of the battery.

Modified diaphragm and preparation method and application therefor

The invention discloses a modified diaphragm. The modified diaphragm comprises a diaphragm substrate, and an electronic conductive coating layer and an inorganic hard coating layer positioned on the two surfaces of the diaphragm substrate respectively, wherein the electronic conductive coating layer is a mixed coating layer with graphene and a porous carbon material; and the inorganic hard coating layer is a nitrogen-carbon material coating layer, a nitrogen-silicon material coating layer, a carbon-boron material coating layer or a silicon-carbon material coating layer. The preparation method comprises the steps of uniformly coating the two surfaces of the diaphragm substrate with the electronic conductive coating layer and the inorganic hard coating layer respectively, and drying the two surfaces respectively obtain the modified diaphragm. The modified diaphragm has high diffusion and absorption capacity for an organic electrolyte, high ionic conductivity, and an obvious adsorption and blocking effect on poly-sulfur-lithium; in addition, the modified diaphragm can further restrain a shuttle effect, prevent battery short-circuit, effectively restrain the growth of negative electrode metal lithium dendrites in a cyclic process, prevent from punching the diaphragm, and protect the lithium negative electrode, so that the problem that the diaphragm is punched after dendrites formation is solved, and the safety performance of the battery is improved.

Immersion type hollow fiber membrane separator and its running process

The present invention relates to an immersion hollow fibrous membrane separating device and the operation method thereof. The device comprises a membrane filtration system, a water producing system and a cleaning system which are connected by the tubes and a control system which is connected by a circuit, the present invention is characterized in that the membrane filtration system takes an immersion type, adopting a column external pressure hollow fibrous membrane component, a plurality of holes are arranged at the casing, the device is directly and vertically arranged in the processed water body; the water producing system comprises a pressure gauge, an automatic intake valve, a water producing pump, a flow meter and an automatic discharge valve which are sequentially connected with a water producing opening of the membrane module; the cleaning system comprises a backflushing system, a gas vacuole scrubbing system and a chemical cleaning system, the gas vacuole scrubbing system comprises a flow meter, an air inlet valve, an air adjusting valve, a filtrating pressure reducing valve, an air receiver and an air compressed valve which are sequentially connected with the backflushing air intake of the membrane module. The operation method includes a plurality of cyclic processes as follows: 1. an operating state, a backflushing state, a gas vacuole scrubbing state and a pollution discharge state; 2. the operating state, the backflushing and gas vacuole scrubbing state, an gas vacuole scrubbing state and the pollution discharge state; 3. the operating state, a chemical backflushing state, the gas vacuole scrubbing state and the pollution discharge state.

Lithium ion battery electrolyte and lithium ion battery

InactiveCN107768719AGuaranteed long cycle performanceGuaranteed anti-overcharge performanceSecondary cells servicing/maintenanceOrganic electrolytesHigh temperature storageDischarge efficiency
The invention belongs to the technical field of lithium ion batteries, and particularly relates to lithium ion battery electrolyte and a lithium ion battery. Four types of additives, i.e., type A, type B, type C and type D are added into the electrolyte, the additive A is used as a cathode film forming additive and is a premise for ensuring the long cycling performance of the electrolyte; the additive B can improve the output performance of the battery and reduce the impedance in the cycling process; a synergistic effect is formed between the additive C and the additive B, so that a low-temperature discharging level of the battery can be improved, and the temperature rise in the large-current discharging process can be reduced; and the additive D can play a role in regulating and controlling an SEI film, the type-B additive and the type-C additive can be prevented from excessively anticipating in the formation of the SEI film, and the discharging efficiency is high while the battery isensured to have high discharging level, and the additive D enables the battery to have higher charge retention in the high-temperature storage and large-current discharging process, and the increaseof the battery impedance can be inhibited; and in addition, the electrolyte has overcharging prevention performance in the case of not adding the overcharge preventing additive.
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