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Rapid drying method for lithium ion battery cell

The invention discloses a rapid drying method for a lithium ion battery cell and aims at finding a reasonable lithium ion battery cell baking process with high baking efficiency, good baking effect and low baking cost. The rapid drying method comprises the steps of firstly, baking a naked battery cell in a vacuum oven; then, repeating the operations of vacuum baking and baking with high-temperature dry nitrogen gas; and finally, introducing normal-temperature dry nitrogen gas to cool after vacuumizing. The rapid drying method has the following advantages and effects that 1, the boiling point of water is extremely low under the vacuum degree of lower than -0.095Mpa, and the water removal effect is better if the naked battery cell is heated at the vacuum degree and the temperature of 85+/-5 DEG C for 20-30 minutes; 2, the high-temperature dry nitrogen gas is introduced to the vacuum oven, so that the temperature of the naked battery core cannot be reduced, the temperature fluctuation of the battery cell in the whole battery cell drying process is not high, and the baking efficiency is increased; and 3, the cooling speed is high because the normal-temperature dry nitrogen gas is introduced after the water removal operation of the naked battery cell is finished, and the production period of a lithium ion battery is greatly shortened because the whole baking process of the battery core lasts for 8-20 hours.

Negative-pressure microwave uniform spraying and drying device and application

The invention discloses a negative-pressure microwave uniform spraying and drying device and application, belonging to the technical field of uniform drying devices. The negative-pressure microwave uniform spraying and drying device comprises a circulating material storage device, a feeder, a negative-pressure spraying pipe, a microwave heating cavity, a cyclone separator, a vacuum storage tank, a discharger, a water ring vacuum pump, a circulating pipe and microwave sources. The circulating material storage device is used for storing materials dried circularly, the feeder is used for feeding dry materials to the negative-pressure spraying pipe which is a channel for drying and circulating the materials, and the microwave sources are uniformly distributed inside the microwave heating cavity, two ends of which are sealed. The cyclone separator is connected with an outlet of the negative-pressure spraying pipe inside the microwave heating cavity and is connected with the vacuum storage tank and the discharger through a channel. The discharger is connected with the circulating material storage device through the circulating pipe. Because the materials can be sprayed under negative pressure, the device can be used for spraying, rotating and circulating the materials under a microwave vacuum drying condition so as to achieve the purpose of drying the materials efficiently and uniformly, meanwhile, is favorable for shortening the drying time by above 40% and reducing the cost of large-scale production.
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