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UV LED Curing Apparatus with Improved Housing and Switch Controller

The present invention is related to an UV LED curing apparatus, and more particularly, to an UV LED curing apparatus with improved housing and switch controller. The UV LED curing apparatus of the present invention is preferably provided for curing UV hardening gel applied onto the nails of multiple fingers or toes all at once and with automatic controls; the UV LED curing apparatus comprises a light reflective inner casing enclosing a curing chamber having a front opening, an outer casing detachably attached to the inner casing and an UV LED light source disposed on the inner casing and capable of providing an illumination covering a large space in the curing chamber. The automatic controls of the apparatus may be achieved by a switch controller having a photo interrupter, timer and current regulator such that the UV light from the UV LED light source is triggered to an on-state by the sensor of the photo interrupter and switched to an off-state by the timer and current regulator with reference to a preset curing time automatically. The UV LED light source is preferably to be of a wavelength between 360 nm and 460 nm. The light reflective inner casing is preferably provided as an effective UV light reflector and as a supporting substrate of the UV LED light source while being capable of transmitting heat from the UV LED light source away for further heat dissipation to the ambient by the outer casing. The outer casing is detachably attached to the inner casing and allows a greater user interaction for decorative and entertainment purposes while also being a protective and heat dissipation means.
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