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Electronically agile dual beam antenna system

The present invention provides an improved antenna system that, in one embodiment, includes an antenna array comprised of a plurality of elements, each of which is capable of providing a signal. Also included in the improved antenna system is a multi-beam beamformer for producing two spatially independent overlapping beams from the signals provided by two different subsets of the antenna array. The phase of the two beams is compared to realize an interferometer that can provide high or fine resolution data on the position of an object relative to the antenna system. The amplitude of the two beams can also be compared to obtain coarse data on the position of the object. The beamformer includes a switching network for selecting which elements of the antenna array form the two subsets. This permits, for example, the position of the beams to moved, the baseline of the two beams to be varied, and/or the beam width of the beams to be altered. To reduce adverse aerodynamic effects in certain applications, the antenna array is located conformal to the exterior surface of the body on which the array is mounted. Further, to reduce temperature related problems associated with high speed movement of the body on which the array is located, the array is located on the side of the body, as opposed to the front of the body. The side location also provides space for other types of sensors that are preferably located adjacent to the front surface of the body.

Apparatus and methods for treating bone

ActiveUS20070055274A1Increased radialIncreasing diameter of coilInternal osteosythesisSpinal implantsFiberBobbin
Implants and methods for bone treatment, preferably minimally invasive treatment, including repositioning of vertebrae may comprise insertion of a bobbin having a wire, string, thread or band, coiled around the bobbin. During coiling, the diameter of the bobbing/band complex may increase. Such increase in diameter can push against the inner side of the endplates of the vertebral body, and augment the vertebral body to its original height. The implant may also take the form of a coiled sleeve which when inserted into the vertebral body is uncoiled. The force of the uncoiling sleeve pushes against the inner side o the endplates of the vertebral body, restoring the vertebral body to its original height. The implant may also take the form of fibrous masses comprised of a thread or other relatively thin structure, for example a fiber or strand, of any biocompatible material having desired characteristics, for example a shape memory alloy, titanium, stainless steel, another metal or metal alloy, a ceramic, a composite or any combination thereof. The, strand, thread or other fiber may be coiled, woven, matted, tangled or otherwise formed into a wool-like mass or body having a desired configuration. Expansion of the expandable member within the vertebral body or other bone may reposition the fractured bone to a desired height and augment the bone to maintain the desired height. A bone cement or other filler can be added to further treat and stabilize the vertebral body or other bone.
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