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Insulated cup and method of manufacture

An insulating cup or container (50) and a method of manufacturing it comprises (first embodiment) providing a sidewall blank (12B) having two sections separated by a fold score (15), and a separate insulating sheet (18) (corrugated, ribbed, embossed, foamed, perforated, etc.) which is adhesively fastened to one of the sections. The blank is folded in half along the fold score, to form a three-layered assembly with the insulating sheet in the middle. To reduce the thickness of the seam, the blank is thinned in the area adjacent a fold score prior to folding. The assembly is wrapped around a mandrel to bring the outer edges together at a side seam (22S) to form a sidewall 12. The side seam is sealed, the bottom is added, and the rim is formed. In a second embodiment, the insulating layer can be a coating on one or both of the sections of the two-section starting blank. In a third embodiment, the insulating section (40) is integral with, and extends from, one edge of the starting blank. It is folded over first to form the middle layer of the wrappable assembly. The width of the seam is reduced while being reinforced at the top by using edge tabs, thereby providing a rounder cup and one which is less susceptible to top leakage due to an unsealed top curl. One tab extends at the fold line from the top edge of one section, which is shorter, to the top edge of the adjacent and higher section. A second tab extends out from the top of the side edge of the higher section so that it overlaps and seals the other tab when the cup is formed.

Insulated shipping container and method of making the same

Insulated shipping container and method of making the same. In a preferred embodiment, the insulated shipping container comprises an outer box, an insulated insert, an inner box and a closure member. The outer box, which is preferably made of corrugated fiberboard, comprises a rectangular prismatic cavity bounded by a plurality of rectangular side walls, a closed bottom end, and top closure flaps. The insulated insert is snugly, but removably, disposed within the outer box and is shaped to define a rectangular prismatic cavity bounded by a bottom wall and a plurality of rectangular side walls, the insulated insert having an open top end. The insulated insert is made of a foamed polyurethane body to which on all sides, except its bottom, a thin, flexible, unfoamed polymer bag is integrally bonded. The bag is a unitary structure having a generally uniform rectangular shape, the bag being formed by sealing shut one end of a tubular member with a transverse seam and forming longitudinal creases extending from opposite ends of the seam. The inner box, which is snugly, but removably, disposed within the insert, is preferably made of corrugated fiberboard and is shaped to include a rectangular prismatic cavity bounded by a plurality of rectangular side walls and a closed bottom end, the top end thereof being open. The closure member is a thick piece of foam material snugly, but removably, disposed in the open end of the inner box.
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