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Method and apparatus for efficient handling of product return transactions

A method and apparatus for efficient handling of product returns to reduce associated costs. A computer system at a regional product return center scans a returned product for identifying information, accesses a manufacturer return approval computer system through the internet or the like, and then submits the identifying information to the manufacturer for return approval. The manufacturer computer system utilizes the identifying information to access an electronic registration database to determine whether the returned product satisfies applicable return criteria. If so, the product is approved for return to the manufacturer. The regional product return center preferably scans a plurality of returned products in a single session. In response to the product identifying information submitted by the regional product return center, the manufacturer provides a list of approved returns and unapproved returns, along with a return authorization number for the batch of approved returns. The regional product return center then assembles the approved product returns into a box, shipping pallet, or the like, applies a label indicating the return authorization label, and ships the batch to the manufacturer. Shipping costs can be saved by omitting rejected product returns from the shipment. The manufacturer can handle the approved product returns from the regional return center as a batch, thereby reducing costs.

Method for producing feed additive from livestock and poultry breeding wastewater and purifying breeding wastewater to reclaimed water

The invention relates to the fields of environmental technology and the breeding and processing of microalgae, in particular to a method for producing feed additive from livestock and poultry breeding wastewater and purifying breeding wastewater to reclaimed water. The method is characterized by comprising the following steps that: wastewater enters an acidification adjusting tank through a grille, and the acidified wastewater enters an anaerobic biochemical reactor for treatment and then enters an aerobic biochemical reactor; after the aerobic biochemical treatment, the obtained biogas slurry enters a settling tank for settling, the supernatant enters a membrane bioreactor for further aerobic treatment and is filtered by an ultrafiltration membrane, the generated ultrafiltration clear liquid is sterilized and neutralized and then enters a photobioreactor, algae are added into the photobioreactor to perform microalgae cultivation, and the algae liquid is discharged from the photobioreactor and then enters a flocculation and settling tank; and after flocculation and settling, the supernatant is used for water recycling, the concentrated algae liquid at the bottom enters a filter, and the separated microalgae slurry enters a fermentation / enzymolysis pot (tank) to perform fermentation / enzymolysis to be used as the feed additive. The invention has the advantages of high economic adaptability, zero discharge and the like.
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Mobile sterilization apparatus and method for using the same

A mobile sterilization system comprising: a sterilization cabinet, the sterilization cabinet comprising: a bottom panel, a top panel, two side panels, a back panel and a door configured so as to define an interior chamber; a plurality of casters or wheels mounted to the bottom panel, each of the plurality of casters or wheels being mounted to the bottom panel by a caster or wheel bracket, wherein the caster or wheel bracket comprises a lateral projection; perforations formed in at least one of the bottom panel, top panel and two side panels; and at least one filter configured to cover the perforations; and a transfer cart, the transfer cart comprising: an upper platform for receiving a sterilization cabinet, the upper platform comprising a pair of transfer cart tracks extending longitudinally along the upper platform, wherein each of the transfer cart tracks comprises a lateral projection; and a lower support structure for supporting the upper platform and for receiving wheels; wherein the sterilization cabinet is received on the transfer cart such that the lateral projections of the caster or wheel brackets engage the lateral projections of the transfer cart tracks, whereby to prevent side-to-side and up-and-down movement of the sterilization cabinet relative to the transfer cart.
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