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Rapid treatment method for fracturing flowback fluid

The invention discloses a rapid treatment method for a fracturing flowback fluid. The rapid treatment method comprises: (1) pumping a fracturing flowback fluid into an electron beam irradiation chamber, and staying for 20-120 s in the electron beam irradiation chamber; (2) adding a coagulant and a flocculant into the sewage treated by the electron beam irradiation chamber, and clarifying in a flocculation precipitation pool; (3) feeding the water treated by the flocculation precipitation a precision filtration pool, and carrying out fine filtration; and (4) collecting the water filtered by theprecision filtration pool in a clear water pool. According to the present invention, the gel breaking stage uses physical gel breaking so as to achieve clean gel breaking and greatly reduce the sideeffects of external agents, such that the reuse quality of the fracturing flowback fluid is good, and the fracturing flowback fluid is safe; the gel breaking time is shortened from 5-120 min to 20-120s so as to greatly improve the gel breaking speed; and compared with the traditional chemical gel breaking method and the biological gel breaking method, the method of the present invention simplifyfeeding equipment and other supporting equipment, reduces the occupation area, and reduces the complexity of manual operation.

Apparatus for separation of water from oil-based drilling fluid and advanced water treatment

An apparatus for separating water from oil-based drilling fluid includes an separation tank, a chemical treatment apparatus having one or more de-oiling polymer preparation tanks, and a dissolved air flotation unit. Slop mud is directed into the separation tank where surfactant is added to separate the drilling fluid from oily water. The drilling fluid is drained for further processing. The oily water is removed by an outlet arrangement from the separation tank and directed to an initial treatment line. One or more de-oiling polymers are added to the oily water in the initial treatment line and mixed therewith. The mixture may then be directed to the dissolved air flotation unit where dissolved air is released into the bottom of the mixture. The dissolved air adheres to suspended solids in the mixture and lifts them to the top surface as a froth. The froth is skimmed from the top surface of the mixture and collected. The de-frothed water is reused or directed to a filtration system where it is prepared for discharge. A clarifying tank may be included after the de-oiling polymers are added to further separate the oil and water. The oil is removed from the top surface by a weir while the water is directed to the filtration system and discharged.

Method for restoring mine entironment

A method of repairing mine ecological environment comprises the treatment of mine environment contamination, wherein the tailings, the barren rock, the smelting slag, the waste water from ore cleaning, the waste water from smelting, the acid mine drainage and the ore yard leachwater which are generated from mine development are collected into the tailings storage, at the same time, sludge and organic matter capable of being degradated by microbiology are added therein, and then the tailings storage is given an anaerobic environment artificially, so that, under the action of microbiology and sulfate reducing bacteria, sulfur ion is generated and the pH value of the tailings storage is increased, a plurality of heavy metal ions are cured and settled by sulfur ion to avoid migration, a biomembrane layer-sulfate reducing bacteria reducing-induction biomineralization precipitation composite geochemical barrier is generated in the tailings storage. The repairing of mine ecological environment is realized by the treatment of mine environment contamination. The present invention can be used for tailings storage pollution prevention in tour, and can be used for closing the repairing of mine ecological environment, or can be used for designing new tailings storage by using the technology of the present invention.

Method and technological process for treating sewage of oil recovery

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The invention belongs to a petroleum sewage treatment method, in particular relates to an oil pumping in oil filed sewage treatment method and the process flow thereof. The invention is characterized in that the oil pumping sewage from the rude oil is firstly added with oxidizer so as to partially oxidize the sulfide in the sewage, and then is added with precipitant so as to remove the settlementof rest secondary sulfide in the sewage; organic high polymer flocculant is added inside the sewage to flocculate the substances such as sediment and oil inside the sewage; disinfectant is added inside for disinfection and for settlement separation; the sewage is rough filtered and then finely filtered so as to reach the quality standard of pouring water; the filtered water is photoelectrically sterilized, and then anti-sludge inhibitor is added into water for accomplishing anti-sludge inhibition after being photoelectrically sterilized and before entering into a clean water pot; and the water inside the clean water pot is used for back pouring. The invention solves the high sulfur content, high germ content and high mineralization oil pumping sewage treatment problem, and reaches the quality standard of back pouring water for low permeable oil filed, thereby protecting the environment and saving the water resource.
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