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Method and apparatus for creating and accessing associative data structures under a shared model of categories, rules, triggers and data relationship permissions

InactiveUS20030227487A1Load be delayFacilitate navigationDigital data information retrievalCathode-ray tube indicatorsDatabaseUser interface
Taught is a way of adding predictability, organization, and reducing the confusion inherent in user interfaces to shared collections of data items accessible or modified by numbers of different users independently. A group of users can predefine categories of data items, relationships between data items, and rules governing the creation and modification of those relationships based on those categories. The predefined model includes interactive triggers presented to users in the context of certain data items or data item relationships. Those triggers cause new data items or data relationships to be entered or existing ones modified according to the group's pre-defined practices. User-based permissions can be attached not only to data items, but to relationships between data items. Accordingly, two or more users may view a first data item, yet each views a different set of other data items directly related to that first data item based on those relationship permissions.

Fully-automatic mahjong machine

The invention relates to a fully-automatic mahjong machine comprising a board sending system, a board loading system, a board lifting system and a large shuffling disc. The board sending system comprises four board sending mechanisms, each board sending mechanism comprises a transmission rack, and a board sending motor, a board absorbing wheel, a transmission belt, a transmission platform, a board inlet guiding piece and a board outlet guiding piece fixed on the transmission rack; a board sending channel is arranged at the upper end of the transmission platform, the board absorbing wheel is tightly attached at the lower end of a board inlet opening of the board sending channel, the board inlet guiding piece is positioned above the board absorbing wheel, the board outlet guiding piece is positioned at a board outlet opening of the board inlet channel, the board sending motor is used for driving a motor guiding wheel, the motor guiding wheel is positioned below the transmission platform, and the transmission belt loops the motor guiding wheel, the board absorbing wheel and the transmission platform. In the invention, for the mahjong boards with different widths, the board sending mechanism of the mahjong machine can run normally by only replacing the corresponding board inlet guiding piece and the board outlet guiding piece, and a transmission rack cover does not need to be changed, so that the operation is simple and convenient, and the board inlet guiding piece and the board outlet guiding piece has extremely low production cost relative to the transmission rack cover.

Wireless communication device with multiple external communication links

A decentralized asynchronous wireless communication system is disclosed for providing voice and data communication that allows flexibility of communication paths for local communication or for communication to external networks. The system makes use of communication docking bays that may communicate in a local mode with other communication docking bays or handsets within a same microcell via signal extenders. In an extended mode, a communication docking bay located in a first microcell of a first macrocell may communicate with a second communication docking bay or handset in a second microcell of the first macrocell via signal extenders and a network extender. In a remote mode, a communication docking bay located in a first microcell of a first macrocell may communicate with a second communication docking bay or handset in a second microcell of a second macrocell via signal extenders and network extenders. The communication docking bays also provide a communication path to a Public Switch Telephone Network and other communication medium. This feature provides an alternate means of connecting a mobile handset to a Public Switch Telephone Network without communicating through a network extender. The system is particularly suitable for operation in rural areas having a low population density.
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